There are certain places that everybody has on their travel bucket list. Whether you love cities, the countryside or a little bit of magic, you can do it all with an RV. When you have a family, admittedly, travelling becomes a little different. When you have young children, you have to pack more, take more pitstops and make time for fun-filled excitement. With all that being said, RV road trips as a family are cost-effective, memorable and fun experiences that will allow you to see the world, creating memories together, with no restrictions.
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“3 Family Road Trips you can’t Miss”

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Below we’ve listed the top family road trips that are sure to be filled with memories for your family, and children of all ages.
Contents [show]1 1. San Francisco to Crater Lake2 2. Auckland to Rotorua3 3. Pisa to Rome
1. San Francisco to Crater Lake
Starting your trip in San Francisco, you’re automatically off to a good start. This beautiful city has a little bit of everything in it, with lots of outdoor attractions—a perfect first stepping stone for children. Don’t forget to check out the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.
On your way to Crater Lake, make sure to visit Lassen Volcanic Park and Klamath Falls. These are filled with jaw-dropping views and will create amazing experiences. When you pull into Crater Lake, you will not be disappointed. In fact, pictures don’t do it any justice. Everyone in the family will be completely stunned. Spend the day or the week at Crater Lake National Park enjoying the family-friendly activities like bike trails, water sports and fishing.
This road trip is definitely one for the outdoor loving family.
2. Auckland to Rotorua
Starting in New Zealand’s largest city and ending in aquatic heaven is a road trip with something for the whole family.
Auckland is bursting with interesting places to visit and things to do. Get a real taste of big city life and admire all the modern architecture.
Take a tiny detour on your way to Rotorua to stop at Waitomo. You just don’t want to pass at a chance to witness the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. These will leave your family, no matter the age, completely enchanted.
Head towards Matamata and try to find some hobbits. This is must-see for all the Lord of the Rings fans out there. You’ll actually be able to see Bilbo’s house and the Green Dragon Inn.
Finally, reach your destination at Rotorua. The magic doesn’t end. Explore Whakarewarewa Forest or, if you’re not really up for mountain biking, visit Rainbow Springs, the cute conservation park where you can see endangered species all for yourself.
This will be a truly magical road trip.
3. Pisa to Rome
Ah, Italy, a country filled with culture, history and amazing scenery. What more could you need for an amazing road trip?
Starting in Pisa, make sure to see the leaning tower (and capture one of the classic photos with it). Torre Pendente Camping Village is nestled between the leaning tower and San Rossore Park, providing ample excitement for everyone. From there we suggest making stops at Florence, Siena and Orvieto. All three of these cities will fill you with so much culture and knowledge (and maybe pasta).
Finally, make your way to Rome. Park at one of the resort-like camping villages and take trips to the Colosseum, Ancient Forum and perhaps the Vatican City, returning for a soak in the pool at the end of the day.
This is a road trip jam-packed with tourist attractions, culture and great food.
Just remember the saying, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. No matter how amazing Crater Lake, the Colosseum or Bilbo’s house was to see, you’ll always remember your RV road trip and the fun you had with your family.

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