During my childhood, my family barely had enough to support our well-being. My parents struggled to give us our necessities. Most of the times I felt bad about our situation because I was not in a position to help my parents and my siblings. However, despite the hardships, I did not give in life and on my dreams. I wanted to become a nurse. During my free times, I used to study and also coach my younger siblings with their studies. Fortunately, I managed to complete my education and graduated with distinction. When I found a job with one of the district hospitals in Los Angeles, I figured it was an opportunity for me give back the society. I wanted to help not only my siblings but also other children from economically disadvantaged families.
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“A Moment when Kindness Guided my Actions”

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When I received my first salary, I decided to make a partnership with a well-developed children feeding program in my neighborhood because this is the only way I thought I could reach out to many children as possible. I used the little amount that saved from my salary to help my parents and my younger siblings meet their daily needs. My very first instinct was to help other poor children overcome their state and grow to appreciate their lives. I also wanted to feel that the society has not abandoned them. Through this program, I have seen many children work hard to achieve their dreams because of the support I gave them together with my team members. Every time I look some of these children, I am happy because I know that I helped to shed into somebody’s life. I am proud of my decision to help others overcome their poor situations. I have also received appreciation from many other for my acts of kindness.

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