In section one the creator discusses when Emily Grierson’s dad had passed away and the entire neighborhood went to her home and clarifies how nobody had truly been in that home for a long time. What’s more, the town of Jefferson was an exceptionally decent neighborhood brimming with mystique however Emily’s home was the just a home in Jefferson in recognition of it. Colonel Sartoris was the town’s old mayor and had made Emily quit making her pay her taxes directly after her Father had passed on due in light of the fact that that Mr. Grierson had helped the town with cash. The new townspeople of Jefferson who were currently in charge needed Emily to keep making her pay taxes yet Emily rejected and did not give the Leading body of Councilmen a chance to motivate her to keep making payments on government expenses and revealed to her Negro worker Tobe to escort them out.
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Section 2 – The author in section two goes back to a time 30 years ago when there was a strong smell coming from her home and many people of the town Jefferson were complaining about this to the Mayor. Things were getting difficult for Emily and her father had just died and also the person she loved had abandoned her the people from Jefferson believed that was who she would marry. People continue to complain about the horrible odor and Judge Steven who was the mayor of the town at the time comes up with a plan to fix this and they use lemon juice around her house to get rid of the odor and a couple of days pass and the bad smell goes away a little bit. The town of Jefferson always felt that the Griersons thought they were better than everyone else. Emily’s father would scare off any man due to the fact they were not good enough for her to marry them. Then one day after many women from the town of jefferson visit Emily because of her father’s death Mr. Griersons. Emily was so hurt about her father’s death and doesn’t want to accept the fact he is dead and she keeps the body after three days she gives up the body for burial.
Section 3 – In section three the author talks about Emily and gets really sick and is in so much suffrage after just dealing with her father’s death. In the summer right after Emily’s father died the town paved sidewalks under the command of northerner Homer Barron. Soon Homer Barron is very noticed and becomes a famous person that’s well known in the town of jefferson and takes Emily every sunday afternoon on buggy rides and the people in the town notice and start to feel sorry for Emily. The town of Jefferson feels that Emily is leaving her family legacy and is falling for the man beneath her station. Emily then goes to the drug store to obtain poison called arsenic and it’s the law to state why you are using this and Emily states no reason and arrives to her house as rat poison.
Section 4 – Many people in Jefferson are anxious that Emily bought poison and they think she might use it to commit suicide. Her relationship with Homer doesn’t look like it’s going to well and the women of Jefferson think Emily should speak to the Baptist Minister. When the Minister visits Emily never speaks of what went on and insists that he will never go back to the home of Emily. The wife of the Minister writes to Emily’s two relative cousins in Alabama, who arrive for an extended stay. Because Emily orders a silver toilet set monogrammed with Homer’s initials talk of the couple’s marriage resumes. Homer, absent from town, is believed to be preparing for Emily’s move to the North or avoiding Emily’s intrusive relatives and Homer is one day seen going into emily’s house but never seen again. Later Emily grows obese and old with gray hair although she teaches children china painting she still doesn’t go out much and is a very isolated person. Then Emily dies at age seventy-four and her servant is the only person seen going in and out the house.
Section 5 – So when Emily dies they set he in the private room in her home and women and townspeople and her two cousins go to her funeral. After a long time the door that has been closed for forty years is opened up by the people of Jefferson. As the people of Jefferson enter they see many things for a wedding as if it was postponed. Then laid out on the bed is Homer Barron’s body that is just decomposing and the townspeople were so surprised to see this behind the door they just opened. They notice that the pillow next to the dead body had seem like if someone was laying right next to it and a bunch of Emily’s gray hair is is on the pillow.

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