There was a young boy who father was a drug addict and always in and out of jail. One day the young boy mother took her children and moved somewhere where his dad couldn’t find them. He was a very abusive dad especially toward the young boy mother. Now the mother is a single mom of three girls and one boy. By the age of 12 years old the boy lived a criminal life outside of his mother home. Skipping school, getting in trouble at school everyday, and got into a gang. Eventually he drop out of school and was always in and out of jail. His father absent in his life caused a emotion effect on him. He didn’t know how to deal with his emotions. In these two films Frankenstein directed by Kenneth Branagh and written by Mary Shelly, and Fight club directed by David Fincher’s and written by Jim Uhis. If we take a deeper look at the characters in Frankenstein and Fight club we might understand their outrageous behavior, of Tyler Durden and the creature played Robert Dinero, was a result of their father absent and neglect. The characters, the theme, and the visual elements of these two movies was overall great.
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Taking a look into Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein the creature was given life than abandon after he was created. My viewing on Frankenstein is just like a father in real life a father absent takes a effect on a male. Even thought the scientist Frankenstein wasn’t the creature birth father he was his creator. In the creature eyes he was his father because he gave him life. Just like in real life a male who does not have their father in life their life to teach them how to love, and deal with emotions.
The creature did not know how to deal with his emotions because he was never taught how to. The creature has hurt and killed people all because his father abandon him it left him with a emotional effect. There was a part in the movie when Frankenstein dies the creature was weeping hard. When ask by a man why do you weep the creature replies he was my father. All the creature ever wanted was to be loved and accepted by someone. In the film fight club just like in the character in the Frankenstein movie the character Tyler suffer from emotional effects. His father absent lead him to live a life of crime.
Today society we have a lot of single mothers raising their children’s alone. In the movie Tyler mention his dad left when he was six years old. A women can not teach a boy how to be a man. We have a generation of man raised by women. Tyler did not know how to deal with his emotions because he didn’t have a man to teach him how to deal with certain emotions. Because of the absent of his father and not knowing how to deal with his emotions. He created a alter ego in his head that displays his strong side. When ask if can fight anybody who will it be he replies back I will fight my father. That lets you know that his father being absent affected him in his adult hood.
The theme of the movie is isolation both Frankenstein the scientist and the creator were victims of isolation. The scientist suffer from isolation when he isolated himself in his lab. He didn’t reply back to any of the letters his family send him. His wife came to check on him because she was worried that something was wrong. When she arrives she finds him in his lab. He send her off told her to go back home he needed to be alone for his research.
He chose his research over his family. The creator felt isolated because he could not go around people. People feared him because of the way he looked they were afraid of him. The creator is the only one of his kind, so he feels very isolated. Also the theme for the movie fight club was isolation. Tyler suffers from insomnia and dissatisfaction of his life. During the beginning of the movie Tyler does not have any friends. He attends support groups meeting just to feel some type of human connection. He did not have a life outside of work that’s why he attends group meetings.
The visual element of Frankenstein movies was the close up on the creator as he weeps over Frankenstein body. The way the camera zooms in on the creatures face as he tells the man he was my father. Zooming the camera in on the creature face does not forces his emotion on us. Looking at the hurt in the creator eyes as he weep all he wanted was to be loved and accepted by his creator. This moment in the film we start to feel sympathy for the creator. Likewise the visual element in the film fight club was when the camera flashes pass the city streets to survey project mayhem.
The scene also shows all the destructive equipment laying in the underground parking lot. The sequence of the scene was a three dimensional composition of a hundreds photographs of Los Angeles and century city. The final scene of the explosion of the credit card building blowing up and collapsing. This scene was designed by Richard Bailey he worked on this scene for fourteen months. In the final analysis, Frankenstein and Fight club was a great movies to watch. Both movies shows the emotional effects of how a fathers absent can cause destruction in male life’s.
The directors of both films did a awesome job with these movies. I thought I was not going to be interested any of these movies because of how long ago they came out. I was wrong both of the films were gave you different kinds of genres. Frankenstein film gave you gothic fiction, science fictions, and horror. While fight club gave you action, drama, and black comedy. Overall the films was really good movies to watch I will give both movies five out of five stars. No, neither one of the directors won any awards for their movies, but they was great movies.

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