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Analysis of the Story of an Hour

Analysis of the Story of an Hour

No woman or man hasnt fallen in love before. It every man and woman desire to be together and cant wait for the moment that can happen. Most of them think that because they don’t know the consequences after that happen. The idea of love blind their minds and cant see any further and foresee the products of marriage. It is still the same without any development and the consequences usually are predicted. Kate Chopin, in the of an hour the death of the husband and his wife got affected by that to symbolize the control of marriage over women.
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“Analysis of the Story of an Hour”

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Mrs. Louise Mallard is a wife with a heart attack who discovers her husband death in a bus disaster. The heart attack she has could represent the suffrage and stress she is experiencing from that marriage. When she heard the news of his death she was sad and started to cry like any woman would do for her dead husband. “She wept at once, with sudden, wild abandonment, in her sister’s arms. When the storm of grief had spent itself she went away to her room alone.(Chopin B). The story starts to be more valuable when she went to her room and started to look through the window. The setting begins to explain the excitement of her feelings and the effects they have over her. She could see in the open square before her house the tops of trees that were all aquiver with the new spring life.” (Chopin A). The use of spring express the rebirth and hope.
She starts to have new feelings that were unfamiliar with her while she was looking through the window.
Mrs. Louise felt that consequences after many years of marriage between her and her husband. Barbara Ewell adds that love has been, for Louise and others, the primary purpose of life, but through new perspective, she comprehends that ?love, the unsolved mystery counts for very little. . . . (Q and A). Her perspective on love had changed since her marriage. She discovered that love wasnt what she expected it to be. She understood love as her only reason to live and it doesn’t count for much. Her husband have the ultimate control over her like being in jail where she will not be freed until he die then she can truly enjoy her independence.
She said it over and over under breath: free, free, free! The vacant stare of terror that had followed it went from her eyes. (Chopin B). Mrs. Louise is now more happy and have great enthusiasm as she is examining the joy of freedom. The idea of starting a new life and being an independent woman with no control, limits or duties what led to her enthusiasm. Even though she loved him sometimes, but in a proposal she didnt really wanted to marry him. Finally, when he showed up again and for her freedom to be gone by that speed really shocked her to the limits of dying immediately.
The sadness that Mrs. Louise had when she heard of her husband death changed into joy quickly after she recognized that she could be free and independent for the rest of her life.
The Story of an Hour reflects Chopinr’s view of the repressive role that marriage played in womenr’s lives as the protagonist, Louise Mallard, feels immense freedom only when her husband has died. Kate Chopin wants to clarify for the readers that not all women desire to live their lives traditionally.

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