Some say animals are the companions of humans while others argue they are to be used by humans for food or other purposes.In current society we see ongoing debate about the topic of animals and humans place in society. At this point in time we have people who use animals for purposes of food and hunters LIke myself follow this believing in taking the animal for food that God provided. On the other hand we have groups such as PETA people for the ethical treatment of animals going against hunters and anyone else using animals in any form that may be considered negative.
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“Animals and Call of the Wild”

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So in the story The call of the wild we see different approaches to The main character Buck in the story. To begin with in the story Buck a dog and the main character in The call of the wild started off living with Judge Miller where Buck was taken care of. Judge Miller and his family treated Buck as if he was a family dog and they gave him food and all of his accensial needs. He was given everything a dog would need. So we see the treatment of Judge Miller and his family and the love they had for him. We see they treated Buck as a companion to them.
Next we see Bucks Treatment after going to Howl Mercedes and Charles. He was abused beaten and starved. They treated Buck and the other dogs as if they were just to be used for profit. Howl Charles and Mercedes Then beat the dogs if they were too weak to work. There was no compassion under them and they had no respect for the dogs. Eventually after all this buck finally found compassion. A man named john thornton found him and treated him with respect. I guess you could call him by the term fair in his ways. Buck was finally treated with care again.n We see the different stages of what Buck went through. He begin in the care of Judge where he was treated good and he was cared for. Then when the new owners got him he was abused mistreated and whipped. He (Buck) went through a big transition from the abuse to then entering into the loving hands of John. These are all the different treatments (Buck) went through.
This shows us the difference of actions done between humans with there reactions towards animals. This reveals what one interpretation of the theme of The call of the wild could be. We see the many different treatments of animals come from humans. Some humans are loving to animals while others mistreat animals. Then there are some who have respect for animals but use them for purposes of hunting.

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