The IPBL is very big for these two considering they have been training since childhood. This is a huge opportunity because with the professional leagues comes good contracts with huge pay and publicity. Up to as much as 30.6 million euros yearly in a 5-year contract, which is 177.6 million euros at the end of the contract. Although, they both had very differing reasons for joining the IPBL. Fortunato wanted nothing but the money along with the fame and glory that came with being in the league. Montresor on the other hand, just wanted the opportunity to pour his blood, sweat, and tears on the court. He wholeheartedly wanted to play for the sport and competition that comes from being in the league. Despite their reasoning, this was their one and only opportunity to chase their desires. Therefore, it is important that if they get drafted that they shine the brightest on their team, despite who they play for. For the reason of drawing stronger, bigger teams with bigger franchises of course.
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“Cask of Amontillado: what Happened before”

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It was June 19th, 1842, and to celebrate the big draft coming up in the next two days, Fortunato and I decided to go to a local tavern to get some food and talk over a glass of wine. A waitress sat us down and we proceeded or order some appetizers like mozzarella sticks and such to hold us over. Fortunato and I were looking into their wines they offered why Fortunato said Montresor, they apparently something special in stock this time around, I heard one the locals talking about it on the way here. Then, Fortunato asks the waitress if there are any specials wines they have, to which she replies, We have some Amontillado, just came from Spain a few days ago. I can the light in his eyes immediately glow; so, I decided to treat him to a large glass of the sherry. We got so drunk we has a random artist create a caricature of the two of us together, we both got our own copy of it.
Waking up the next day I could barely remember anything but that, as for the same for Fortunato. Two days pass and the big day has come for the both of us, the most important draft. This draft determines whether or not we reach our goals and follow new dreams all the way to the top. The both of us are in the first-round pick with the worst performing team of last season the Venice Eurasian Lynxr’s having the first draft pick. Not even a second pass when they are told to pick, and I immediately hear my name called. I am so overjoyed I sprint on stage as I am greeted with a number 1 jersey and a contract. The last to pick are the Rome Cave Bears. They took almost their whole two minutes to choose their draft pick considering there was one player left being Fortunato himself. Although, that wasnt necessarily a bad thing due to the fact that they did win the championship last year. We shake hands after the ceremony and go about our ways congratulating each other, but come to think of it, this is the first year we arent on the same team.

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