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Communication Theme in Hills Like White Elephants

Communication Theme in Hills Like White Elephants

Ernest Hemingway`s writer of Hills Like White Elephants allows readers to to learn about the communication between two people who both have two different opinions and decisions when it comes to a situation that can change their lives. The short story is about two people, a girl name Jig and a man who doesnt have a so reader just call him man.
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“Communication Theme in Hills Like White Elephants”

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An literary device that plays a role in this short story is imagery throughout the stories give the readers a clear understanding of whatr’s going on. In the short story it states, the hills across the valley of the ebro long and white on this side there was no shade and no trees and the station was between two lines of the rails in the sun it stopped at this junction for two minutes and went to madrid In other words Hemingway compared Jig and the man decision to two confuse people . Readers can visualize the Jig and the man sitting at the train station looking confused and frustrated about what they are going to do.
While reading the short story, you can notice that the phrase Like White Elephant occurs several times throughout the short story, which signify that it is important. One can also agree the color white symbolize innocent. Therefore, white elephants, can be uses has a reference to a woman who is expecting a baby. The symbol of the word hill can also be a clue that Jig is pregnant because hills are round and when a person is pregnant their stomach is round.
The story gets more interested when the man tries persuading Jig to have an abortion. He tells Jig that he will be there for her no matter what and he will stay with her throughout the whole process. Jig gets very annoyed and upset and become not interested in holding a conversation with the Man. In the short story it states Jig states , please please please please please please please please stop talking Jig uses repetition to tell the man to stop talking. Her tone sounded has if she was very annoyed and frustrated with the man. Hemingway uses tone to make the reader understand the way Jig is feeling with the situation that she is going through. Both the man and the girl doesnt want to listen to each other point of view or opinion about the situation.
The man lives a carefree lifestyle he wants Jig to Have an abortion, so he can be free and continue is life style. In the short story he told Jig itr’s the only thing thatr’s made us unhappy not only is he trying to make Jig feels bad he always trying to tell her that the baby will bring sadness to both of their lifer’s. the man is showing that he is selfish and irresponsible by showing lack of support when it comes to helping jig if she was supposed to keep the baby.
Over all the story is a very good story to read. Readers have Readers have careful read the story to understand what is taking place. The story is filled with a lot of literary devices. Hills like A White Elephant also has a story that both jig and the man must choose between life or death. Jig wants to keep the baby, but the man doesnt want too.

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