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Community, Identity and Stability in Brave New World

Community, Identity and Stability in Brave New World

The motto World State lives by, and the motto everyone is obligated to follow. In World State everyone has a predestined life and are obligated to act and think a certain way in order for their community to be stable. Social stability is not worth the price World State is paying, social stability does not let one have their own identity or have freedom to think for themselves which dehumanizes each individual.
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“Community, Identity and Stability in Brave New World”

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The idea of community portrayed in World State spreads the idea that everyone is one and should act as one. We see this when they are first born, nothing is ever done alone. Everything and everyone belong to each other, nobody really has privacy. When Lenina says, Everyone works for everyone else, we can do it without anyone. Even Epsilons. This quote exemplifies the importance community has to the people of World State. It makes the people believe they are all benefiting off their category given to them, but we then see unreasonable side of it all. A system like World States does not benefit the community as they think it does, it benefits those who control the system.
From the start of the book we see how everyone has a predestined life for them. They are categorized by Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon. They each are taught how to act, think, feel, and speak. They have no sense of self identity or any knowledge of what it means to act or think for themselves because being told what to do is all they know. The government used techniques like hypnotherapy to get the citizens to act how they want them to. World state is supposedly protecting and stabilizing the society, however they are dehumanizing their people because they are afraid of them having their own identity. This creates an oblivious society of people who are paying the price of something that is not worth it.
Stability is what World State wants and why their so controlling, it all started with Henry Ford saying History is bunk. The government of World State agrees with this because if they have knowledge of the past the society will rebel because they will see the difference of life then and what they are living now. “”It isn’t only art that’s incompatible with happiness; it’s also science. Science is dangerous; we have to keep it most carefully chained and muzzled.”” says Mustapha Mond. This quote proposes that science can enlighten the people of this society to learn content that does not convenience anyones happiness which is stability. Citizens being enlightened to anything dealing with knowledge of the past menaces the government. Overall world states citizens or anyone do not benefit from social stability. It erases a person’s self and its replaced with a manmade concept and way of thinking.
Social Stability is not worth the price, it gives satisfaction to those who benefit off it and to the ones that aren’t living a miserable life. Although it may seem like a fairytale to live a life in peace because everything you do is controlled by the government, it does not. It creates a great sense of dehumanization to the people being controlled in World State.

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