Dear depression, Why did you have to come into my life? What was so special about me? Why couldn’t you find someone else to bother and ruin? You have made my life a disaster and you have made it hell. You have put a pit inside of me and have made me sob. You have given me more anxiety than I thought possible and depression I am not done with you. Because you are still inside of me spreading like a virus multiplying and taking over my body. You are controlling my thoughts and my feelings and somehow you over power me? How is that possible? I can overcome an alcoholic father but I can’t overcome you. You are my enemy I cannot beat and every single time I do destroy you. You come back stronger, you are taking away my sleep and my happiness you are a bottomless pit. You make me sick and anxious you give me pain. You are inside of me.
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“Depression has Destroyed my Life”

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Depression you are a genius ticking time bomb. You hit me at my worst moment and give me the harshest level of pain. You have no mercy you have no soul you are ruthless and you are in me. You are mutating my DNA you are is indestructible garbage. Why are you doing this to me? What did I ever do to you? I never bothered you and you are attacking me. Why are you attacking me? Why are you not letting me come out of bed? Why are you making me cry all the time? Why are you making my mother not want to deal with me? Why are you doing this to me? Get out of my body, get out of my mind. You are not welcome. Get the hell out. I don’t want you but you are overpowering me you are ruining me. You are ruining my friends you are destroying my self-confidence. And worst of all you are making me give up. Why? Get out, I need you to leave. You aren’t letting me destroy you. You make me feel weak.
I have this feeling that you are giving me. You make me feel like there’s a hole of sadness that doesn’t ever seem to fill up. But once it reaches a certain amount and once I am that state you explode the bomb and make me scream you make me feel horrible. You make me sit on the floor and shake. And you are laughing evilly you find this comedy and I find it hell. How do you do this. How do you ruin my life? How do you take away my happiness? I never had this in my life. I never had you as a visitor I never asked for you to stay. You make people not want to be around me so you can make me feel lonely. Why do you want me to be lonely you are inside of me and you don’t leave just leave? I’ll pay for your ticket but I need you to leave. You are a genius you are well thought out. I don’t know how I am going to destroy you. But somehow whenever I figure it out you release a poison to get me back under you. Why do you want to stay inside of me? I will not be a gracious hostess anymore. I will find out how to destroy you because you are no longer welcome in my body.
Depression I asked you this already I asked you to leave but you refuse and that’s something I do not understand. You are inside of me and I cannot seem to get you out. There is not cure for you, there is no vaccine to prevent me from having to host you. You just welcome yourself in, you know the code into my body. When it is not for you to know. You make me farther away from my sister. You make everything fall and you make everything break. I hate you. I hate you so much. I know you will put out your best stuff and your best punches and I will fall and I will break. You might win but somehow, I will have to get back up. You will push me down put I will get back up. Because depression you are a visitor and it’s time to say goodbye. You will have to find another place to stay because you have been inside of me for too long. I am done with you now leave because otherwise you will lose. It will be a hard lose. It will take time but you will lose because there is no way you are becoming a permanent resident. There is no way you are becoming a constant part of my life. Don’t you have other people to tournament?
Aren’t you sick of me because I am sick of you.
I will find a way to defeat you depression.
This is my body not yours.
We are not done here.
Make your reservations.
Time to go.
This is just the beginning so get ready.
I’m not giving up on you depression.
You will now see my best work
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