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Disney Animation and Pixar

Disney Animation and Pixar

Disney animations include all the classic Disney movies such as Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, etc. Newer movies like Finding Dory, Moana, and Coco are also some of Disney’s top animated movies. Animation is a huge part of Walt Disney and an aspect that is most memorable.
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“Disney Animation and Pixar”

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Aside from Marvel, Disney is set to release Frozen 2 and Toy Story 4. The solid content pipeline is also expected to boost Disney’s Consumer Products division (Zacks Equity, 2018). The demand for merchandise associated with these films will increase substantially, as it did for Frozen (Zacks Equity, 2018). When Frozen hit the box office, it grossed $1.3 billion, and perhaps as much in merchandise (Bylund, 2017). These projects will increase revenues for Disney through merchandise, ticket sales, broadways and the attractions of Frozen Ever After featured at Epcot and Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios. As new product for Wreck-it Ralph 2 are now on the shelf, the same is expected for Frozen. When the release date approaches, Disney will put out new merchandise and products for the new Frozen 2 film. Frozen on tour is melting the hearts of Broadway with an unforgettable experience (Ticketmaster, 2018). For the past year, Frozen on tour has revenues totaling $66,547,807 (Broadway World, 2018). The show runs through 2019 and past June, with revenues expected to continue into the following year (Broadway World, 2018).
Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-it Ralph 2 is coming to theaters November 21st. Wreck it Ralph was a very popular movie, taking in $49 million at the box office back in 2014 (Mendelson, 2018). This film is the first wholly-intended-to-be-in-theaters Walt Disney Animations since Fantasia 2000 (Mendelson, 2018). In 1995, the first Toy Story was aired, grossing $358 million world wide. Since then, there have been two other sequels following. Toy Story 2 adjusted gross was roughly $427, while Toy Story 3 reached $466 (Mendelson, 2017). Following this trend, Toy Story 4 should come in even higher than the past three movies. This is another animated film coming out in 2019 that will increase revenue and sales for Disney. Although it did not do nearly as good as Frozen, it is still expected to do extremely well. With these three movies coming out in 2019, product and merchandise purchases for each should increase. Disney sells Toy Story, Wreck-it Ralph and Frozen beds, bookshelves, dolls, tables, etc. You name it, they most likely have a product for it. Due to the average increase in ticket price, guest spending growth at parks and recreations should continue to increase through 2019. Walt Disney Animation brings in millions of dollars in revenues each year and is expected to the same in the upcoming year. With the release of Frozen 2, Ralph Breaks the Internet and Toy Story 4, it will bring in millions from ticket sales, merchandise and guest attendance at all of their parks.
Pixar – Joe Waller
Pixar is a state of the art computer animation studio and pioneer of animation technology and they have set the bar for others in the industry with huge successes such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Wall-E. Originally, Pixar Animation studios started out as the Graphics company in 1979 which at that time was part of the Lucasfilm computer division. The company became known as Pixar when it was purchased from George Lucas by Steve Jobs in 1986, and that is where Disney and Pixar began their relationship, as they would work together on a computer animation software that revolutionized the way animated movies are made. Pixar was not purchased by Disney however, until 2006 and has since been a steadily successful and growing part of Disney animation (Source).
As for the future, Pixar is a little secretive about its future plans and projects, but there are a few things that are certain about the future of Pixar and their sales revenue. Disney and Pixar definitely expect to continue to grow and make more animated movies. The only confirmed movie with a name and release date as of right now is Toy Story 4 which is expected to come to theaters in June of 2019 (Source). This seems to be a trend for Pixar lately; creating sequels to their well-known and most beloved franchises, perhaps so they can retain their current fan base and not forget the things that made them great at storytelling to begin with. Whatever the reason may be, Toy story 4 should be a huge success if it lives up to the high expectations set by its predecessors and as mentioned before, it is expected to do even better at the box office than Toy Story 2 and 3.
Pixar also has plans for three new movies that have not yet been revealed or named. These movies are expected to come out in March 2020, June 2020, and June 2022, and it is known that at least two of them are going to be original concepts, not sequels (Source). This means that not only is Pixar very invested in the characters and stories it has already created , but also that Pixar is getting ready to invest more in building up its brand and creating more lovable and recognizable characters, which is something Disney and its brands have always been pretty good at. This has the potential to create a good deal of revenue for Disney and Pixar, and in more ways than just the box office. If these new films produce recognizable, memorable and lovable enough characters, the merchandising opportunities that lie ahead could be tremendous.

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