How do you feel about the pursuit of happiness? Have you ever done something that made you happy but you thought about how it might effect others? Well, with the pursuit of happiness it basically says that when we do something we have to look at the end results of the overall happiness and how it will make others lives better. I think that with the pursuit of happiness is valid where the greatest happiness is for the greater good. With that being said it makes sense as to why you can make 5 people happy appose to one. With the book it mentioned euthanasia and the treatment of nonhuman animals. Later on I bring up life line/life support.
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“Does Happiness Bring Consequences?”

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In the book it mentions this examaple about euthanasia and how we based this decision with morality. Whether it was right or wrong with what the personal physician did. Sigmuund Freud had oral cancer and it got to the point where he was in no condition to get operated on and he was just a living corpse just slowly roting. So when his friend brought the physician and had the physician put Frued out of his misery. He was logically thinking about his friend and how he didn’t want him to suffer any longer. But with the knowledge of knowing our culture we know that with what Max Schur did it was considered wrong no matter the circumstance. Under Christianity it is believed that intentionally killing of innocent himan beings is always wrong. which is morally right depending on the situation. Granted now in days its much more different, but I believe that when he did what he did I didn’t think it was entirely wrong. But this does go to another view point that is a whole new topic.
For example, what about when a family has to pull the plug on life support? Its a thought that actually makes you think. I know that at the hospital that I intern at they have DNR papers that patients have to fill out. DNR stands for Do Not Resuscitate.
In addition to euthanasia the other example was nonhuman animals, which means that treating animals the same way you treat people. I don’t disagree with this because everyliving, breathing, creature should be treated fairly. For example with my dog I treat her as if she is a person. I don’t hit her, harm her ,or anything, I end up spoiling her to the full extent. I feel as though the case and circumstance is different when it comes to animals being used as a food source. Opposed to when people use animals for rodeos and circuses, for when they’re used for fighting. In America there are a numerous amount of known events that people use animals for entertainment.
For example horse racing, dog fights, and rooster fights believe it or not. According to this article by ThePurpleWorld -Of-Tiyi.over-Blog when animals are used for entertainment it says, Animals used for entertainment are often abused and exploited. They may be chained or confined for more than 11 hours. They are sometimes deprived of food.. When I read this article I didn’t know the entire story behind it. But when I continued to read it, the author made some valid points, which conteract how I feel. Yes I agree with the author but the points made only counteract my example that I discussed earlier.
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