1. Introduction
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“Dreams in a Midsummer Night’s Dream”

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The idea of the dream and why is it important, it because it tells a person about their realty to who they are. They also highlight things that you don’t know about which could be repressed memories. Ideas of the unconsciousness of the dream highlights, making fun of the idea, being ironic as nothing is as what it seems to be.
Midsummer is a period of time summer solstice period where earth was tilted towards the sun meaning the days are longer (making it the longest days of the year) towards midsummer’s they would light born fries to protect them from evil spirits which would be witches.
With this assignment will be discussing how the characters were living in reality but thinking that everything that was happening to them was a dream, and it was because they were under a magical spell to which they had no knowledge of.
Everything that happened was because of the quadrilateral love that was between four young people is the play, so everything that happened in their unconsciousness lead to them feeling everything was a dream whereas it was not. Dreaming may be represented as an ongoing fairytale that people wish to live in.
All love is portrayed by poetry, as a strong intimate relationship bond.
Four days will quickly steep themselves in night;
Four nights will quickly dream away the time;
And then the moon-like to a silver bow
Newbent in heavenshall behold the night Of our solemnities (Act 1, Scene 1, Line 7-10)
Hippolyta simply was saying that the duration of this play was four days which they will steeply be in the night and the night will quickly turn into a dream that will be discussing in the duration of this essay. So Hippolyta saw everything even before it happened, how we don’t know, we could simply say because of the magic that was portrayed in the play. Full moon like a silver bow was the effect of the night in the forest.
Before unpacking what is the dream about, we must understand before we have arrived to the forest what happened. We had four youngsters that were in love with one another but the challenge or complicate part of it; it was that Hermia and Lysander were both in love but the father of the girl did not approve of her being with Lysander but instead he wanted Hermia to be with Demetrius who was a wealthy off man.
Even though that was the case, Hermia did not want to hear anything but instead she fought for what she believed in and the love that she had for Lysander. In the picture was a girl called Helena respectful, humble, loving and caring. She wanted to be more like Hermia, so she could stand up for herself and decide to what she wants in her life, talking about the things that she wanted, Helena really loved Demetrius.
Even though Demetrius was not giving Helena much attention, which did not stop her because she was tired of being the obedient girl who is being told always what to do and how to do it.
Hermia was girl who was rebellious, did not listen to what was said to her initially she lived her life according to what she wanted it to be. She even disrespected her own fathers decision when she was told that in order for her to live for many years she must marry Demetrius, but that did not scare her even for a bit. She was so focused on her relationship between her and Lysander.
Lysander was a young man who was in love with Hermia, he did not have much fortune as Demetrius but he could afford a standard life, which was a disappointment to the father, because we all know that a father always wants her daughter to be taken care of wonderfully and respectfully by the man she chooses, as much as she was not allowed to chose for herself in this play.
Egeus was the father of Hermia, a man who likes status and money. With that reason Demetrius was the best choice for her daughter so that she may marry and not be in need of anything as he knows that he is a well put together person, wealthy he meant. Even though Egeus wanted the best for her daughter Hermia, but its known that money and wealth is not a reason for any girl to marry that specific guy, love is also important and counts a lot for a woman.
So now that we have understood we can go back to analysing the dream, magic, fairytales and love.
Here come the lovers, full of joy and mirth.
Joy, gentle friends, joy and fresh days of love
Accompany your hearts. (Act 5, Scene 1, line 28-29).
Theseus was giving words of encouragement to the lovebirds of the play, telling them that they should enjoy being in live, because love us a beautiful thing to feel and have if its real. He had hope that things would go well for Hermia and Lysander as well as Helena finding what she really wants and Demetrius forgetting about Hermia and actually loving Helena, he can’t get Hermia because of Lysander.

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