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Every Girl Gang Ever

Every Girl Gang Ever

Every girl has a troop of girls that she adores, and relies on. They all have their strengths and weaknesses and different personalities that set your gang apart from the world. Your gang is sugar, spice, and everything nice, and you appreciate them for the wonderful things they do for you in your life. Your squad is the recipe for the ultimate friendship goals, that all other people envy. They all have their differences but that just makes your girl gang perfect, because of the variety of contributions brought forward by its members. Following are four types of member that I am certain that every group has, and can relate to.
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“Every Girl Gang Ever”

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Contents [show]1 The Bad Company 2 The Mom3 The 3 am Friend 4 The Freeloader
The Bad Company
We all sat in a circle and watched carefully as Adeeba recited instructions and folded a tiny piece of paper like origami, So that’s your rectangle, and then you fold it along the length to form a cylinder. With excitement in our eyes, she now holds up the intricately designed piece of geometric shape, That my sisters, is your roach! Is it 04:20 now?
Every girl gang has a bad influence, that pulls all the gang towards decadent and nefarious odds and ends. She’s the extrovert who’s always pushing the groups to the limits, introducing the nastiest ideas, but she’s also the one who brings life to the group, creating the most fun and memorable-although, not always memorable-nights. She’s a bad advisor, and she’s persuasive too, the perfect blueprint of a demon. For instance, I was on my way to school, when Ankita bumped into me and said, Let’s skip school today, and go to that really cool club that just opened. Everyone’s been talking about it.
I can’t, I declared, I have important physics class and he’s explaining everything that will be on the test next Monday. And we can go day after tomorrow, we have a day off from school. And then the devil spikes up her horns and says, Babe, you’re way too smart. You can just read up the book and you’ll be fine. But boys from college are going to be there today, and I’ve already told them we’re coming. It’ll be rude not to show up, now hop in, we have P.E. today anyway. And I ended up failing my physics test. This friend can be a handful, and sometimes risky to spend the night with, but without her, your life will be a bore.
The Mom
Even though the ill wind may drive you over the edge, someone has to keep everyone in line. That’s when the squad mom comes into action. She is strict, often even scolds us for doing something bad, or wrong. Once long ago, the whole squad was sitting out in the school field during lunch, and Ankita said something mildly foul about a teacher. We all started laughing and giggling, until we looked up at Reshika. Her face was red, she was mad, and then she started screaming at Ankita, for using cheap language and even more, disrespecting a teacher. She went on five minutes without a break to make her feel bad, while we watched clueless of what to say, because she was so angry. At the end, she asked Ankita to apologize, and Ankita did, by saying, Gee, fine. Sorry, mom. And from that day on, Resh was known as the mom of the group, in front of whom we all feared to say or do anything mischievous.
There’s also another one, Suneha, who’s always poking her nose into everyone’s business. Once I started dating someone who was not preferably a good person. She was on my tail for weeks, constantly pointing out flaws in that person and telling me that I deserved so much better. She used to get annoyed whenever I used to bring his name up. After a month of torment, I eventually ended that relationship, as evidence brought forth after extensive research by Suneha made be believe that he really was a wicked person, and I was saved from entering a dark and dangerous pit.
This type of friend might look like a pain in the butt, but she’s a darling. She’s not always sore, she provides the group with unconditional love, guidance, and praise. She constantly looks out for and puts the needs of other squad members before her own, just like any biological mom. You love her no matter what because you know she only wants the best for you.
The 3 am Friend
I stared into the darkness on a sleepless night, reflecting on every bad decision I have made, every better opportunity I have missed, when she rings up my phone. It’s Sheh, my 3 am friend. She just knows that I’m not okay. I pick up the phone, and she says, Go on, tell me what’s wrong? I whimper, I just lost 5 followers on instagram.
There is always one go-to-girl, who is a supporter, an advisor, and an insomniac. She will make you feel better, and be there to help you on every step of your life, big or small. She is your very own therapist, who you can confide in with your deepest secrets that come to light amid dark nights. She is an optimist with all these theories, that will give you a positive outlook at your life, and give you hope for the future. She is always there to listen and wrap you around like a blanket, and put your thoughts to rest. You need her like a weekly appointment with your private therapist, to vent out and soothe yourself to sleep.
There was another time, a sister-like friend helped me out when everything in my life had plummeted to the ground. I sat on the roof of my house in the dead of the night, and told her how everything in my life has just gone wrong. She asked me, Is this rock bottom for you? I said yes. She asked me again, So that means you can’t go any lower in your life now? I said yes, again, a little annoyed. Then she said, If you can’t go lower anymore, and this is the worst that could ever happen to you, that means anything that will happen to you now will be better, because it just cannot get any worse. It hit me a second later, and when it did, I was baffled. This was the most motivating piece of information anyone had ever shared with me. And I’m not the kind of person to get motivated easily, but she sparked a ray of hope in me. Today, I know that even if I do hit rock bottom like that again, I can pick myself up, because she’s just a phone call away.
The Freeloader
Can I borrow your mascara, I don’t know where mine is?, Can I borrow your jacket, it’s cold., Can I take your boyfriend, I’m single on Valentine’s., she asks making that puppy dog face, and my heart just melts. Riya has always been a baby-she’s whiny, needy, and irritating. She’s like a sticky toffee that sticks to your teeth and won’t leave. She means no harm, but she just ends up wanting to password-protect everything I have.
There’s also Tanya. She’s a mess, with her uncompleted school assignments that I have to help her wind up at the end, and whenever the gang decides to go anywhere and do something expensive, we have to make sure we contribute enough money for her because she never seems to have any.
She’s a sweet, innocent lamb who is just lost in life, but loves her friends more than anything else in the world, and honestly we don’t mind helping her out.
You might think why do people even have friends like this, but do you know the best thing about these friends? They can take a bullet for you, and even in spite of all the quarrels they will always be there for you when you need them, and make you feel special. You might dislike them at times, but you love them to the core and can’t cut them from your life. And some fine day, when you’re least expecting it, they will do something nice for you and surprise you. Even though they’re sticky toffee, they’re still sweet candy.
Love them or hate them, but you can’t survive without them. Each squad member is different, but you accept them just like they accept you. Each one hold holds a special place in your heart and you will always be there for them, and they will always have you back and stick by your side. They can be hard to deal with sometimes, but they’re your friends. The group wouldn’t be the same if even one was missing. You’re not sure how all of you ended up together, but you’re glad you did. It’s your gang, with sisters you never knew you wanted and girls you would die for.

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