Life of Pi The film, Life of Pi is directed by Ang Lee, but the script was written by David Magee. Ang won Oscar for the best film life of Pi in 2012. The movie is about a boy named Pi. He and his family were on a boat that canted in a storm. The waves were so big that the boat sank. In the boat there was also many animals from the zoo that Pi’s family owned. Pi survived and got into a lifeboat. In the boat there is a hyena, a zebra, an orangutan, and a Bengalitiger called Richard Parker. They are stranded in the Pacific Ocean for 227 days. During the trip only, Pi and the tiger survived. The other animals were eaten. No people tend to live with a tiger for 227 days. According to the true world, no people had overthrown it. No people had managed to live with a tiger in the way Pi did. If it had been in the true world, the tiger had killed Pi.Religion to PiIn the time Pi is stranded in the Pacific Ocean he makes reflections about his life, and he also take a spiritual journey. Pi has always believed in Hinduism since he was little, but when he became older he wanted to explorer new religions. Religion has been a part of his life, but what he remembers best is when he was in a Hindu temple. From the temple he remembers the coolers, smells and sounds.
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The father of Pi introduced him to Martin, a Catholic priest who showed him that to be a Christian is based on love and faith in God.Pi wanted to explore and learn more about religions, so he studies servals religions. What he learned was that there were many ways to God and that in every religion there is love. Pi has respect for all religions and he does not combine them.The difference between the animal story and the human storyPi tells two stories at the start of the movie, one that is a human story and the animal story. He begins to tell the animal story. He was on a boat with all the animals from the father’s zoo. When the ship crashed, he had to flee in the lifeboat where he ended up with a zebra, a hyena, an orangutan and a Bengali tiger. The only one who survived the journey was the tiger and pi. Pi tells in the human story when he lived with his mother, the ship’s cook and a injured Japanese sailor. In the human story, the mother was an orangutan, the sailor was a zebra, the hyena was the chef and the tiger were Pi.Pi was called ?«pissing?»When Pi went to St. Joseph’s School, he was bullied, and his nickname was pissing.
Pi tried also to skull the school because he was not well there. One day Pi would show what the number pi was. He got up on the board without the teachers permission and he did not care to start calculating it. The number pi is 3,14Pi did not have any good childhood as he had no support from parents or anyone else. He went to school but was bullied. Pi was a boy who liked to investigate and learn about new things. His experience maybe was the reason he could survive alone on the ocean without food and with wild animals. He was also very interested in religions and how they worked, he was very spiritual. That was also a reason that he manages to survive.
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