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Fitness Level in Teens

Fitness Level in Teens

The current fitness level of young adults
What is the current level of young adults? The answer to this question might be a quite surprising. You might’ve thought that many young adults would exercise every day but that’s not true. In the next few paragraphs this question will be answered.
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“Fitness Level in Teens”

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Between teens, only one out of three excise or do physical activities everyday. This fact is very much true. I have two brothers and only one of them, out of the three of us, actually do physical activities or excise. In the United States only about ninety percent of teens don’t exercise or do physical activities. This can lead to diabetes, obesity, or other health problems. Teens spend about three hours on their phones, or playing video games, on a school day. Teens not exercising everyday can weaken their bone density, with can affect them when they’re older. About 18.5 percent of teens are obese as of 2016. That means that around five percent of teens have heart attacks, and around seventeen percent of teens have high cholesterol.
Adults are no better than teens. Less than 22.9 percent of adults participate in thirty minutes of physical activity each day. That would mean only one out of three adults exercise. Obesity in adults has been brought up six percent since 2016, because of this, 23.5 percent of deaths are due to heart disease. Seventy five percent of adults say that they do not eat healthy. That means even if ten percent of that seventy five does physical activities or that they exercise, their would progress would mean nothing. Adults who don’t exercise often get Osteoporosis, which reduces mass and makes your bones brittle, or weak.
Obesity isn’t common, it has been brought up immensely since 2014. Although, this is not just teens or young adults fault. When a cheeseburger cost a dollar compared to a ten dollar salad, what do you think they’ll choose? Since most Americans work at fast food, or work from paycheck to paycheck, many want to not spend all of their money. When many adults have nine to five jobs, they tend to be tired, or just don’t have enough time to exercise. Even if adults or teens just did thirty minutes of exercise that might slow the rate of heart disease, or other health problems(including obesity).

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