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Gun Violence Sets a Blood-Soaked Benchmark each Time

Gun Violence Sets a Blood-Soaked Benchmark each Time

Gun Violence Sets A Blood-Soaked Benchmark Each Time
What Can We Do? Schools are considered as homes to several students across the country in a panglossian view. The wounds of parents losing their children are on an unprecedented rise and those wounds can never be healed. Those who escaped the macabre dance of death are traumatized by the memories of their friends and colleagues mowed down in front of them. Schools are places where a person learns to comport, couth, and grow emotionally and intellectually. When a person walks into the school in the morning, one should be able to reassure their family that they will be back home later in the day without having to face any danger. School- safety is supposed to be a top priority to make school a positive, healthy, safe and comfortable environment which plays a colossal role in a student’s life. This, unfortunately, is much more difficult to do so in our current society. Places around the country have had to face menacing situations that involve violence that causes harm and chaos in a so called safe school environment. Schools need to reassure people that their safety is paramount.
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“Gun Violence Sets a Blood-Soaked Benchmark each Time”

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A positive and safe school environment can be provided by giving mental and emotional support to students, improving the safety procedures during emergency situations, and adding precautionary equipment to the school. The mental or emotional state of a person can influence their actions a lot more than we notice. Students and teachers constantly have a lot of things to face throughout the school year and having to keep to themselves might as well cause them to do things they do not intend to do. People need to be able to share their thoughts and emotions with someone they trust, and they need to feel free to talk to them and take advice from them. Schools need to make it a habit that everyone is required to talk to the guidance counselors at least once in a month, so they would not have to deal with high-stress levels on their own. Schools should talk to the students about the importance of not hurting others as well as not getting hurt. Bullying and peer pressure are common issues that are faced by teenagers and this might influence them to be apoplectic. The schools need to provide support and help to people dealing with mental illnesses or emotional disturbances. The incident at Marjory Douglas High School, Parkland Florida happened because a 19-year-old named Nikolas Cruz needed mental support.
If they could have provided him with that, those innocent civilians may not have had to end up in a situation like that. The disturbed human mind is sensitive and can make you do a lot of things, some of them you will highly regret. Safety procedures during emergency situations such as attacks can be modified to provide the student and faculty a better chance at survival. Classrooms can be set in a certain way to enable better safety and cause less harm. Students and teachers can work as a team to ensure everyone’s safety. Help from the police department is very important as well. The local police should have access to the school’s layout. There should be a prior rescue plan in place in the eventuality of an attack. Classrooms have mere seconds to react before the crisis has started causing harm, and seconds are not enough for them to lock doors, shut the screens, get everyone together in a certain spot and take attendance. The schools should run through these modified procedures frequently to ensure that the students and the faculty are comfortable with them. Precautionary equipment can be added around the school to avoid emergency situations. Metal detectors at every entrance to the school can help keep guns, knives and other harmful things out of the school.
Along with having metal detectors, having full body scans is another resort to identifying harmful equipment. Having these kind of equipment can help the school get a little more time to start the safety procedures. Having this kind of detectors can also help the school get help a lot faster than having to call for help after the attack has started causing harm. Precautionary equipment can help the school keep things under control in emergency situations along with providing a better chance of survival in unexpected events, or preventing them altogether.Schools are said to be vulnerable and yet it ought not to mean a disaster on such high scales can occur so easily. Schools should be able to protect the people under unfavorable circumstances. Vowing to arm teachers in the aftermath of a massive attack is quite a malarkey and it’s another rambling piece of twaddle exposing a meaningless political view. It will also not take much time for the obtuse NRA to resurface with their twisted narrative of spreading the usage of guns. Schools can, however, provide a positive and healthy school environment by ensuring the safety of the students and the faculty and this can be done by providing mental and emotional support to those who need it, by improving the safety procedures taken during emergency situations and also by adding precautionary equipment to the school. These improvements and modifications will make a school a home again in the future just like it has in the past.

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