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Happiness in the Things we Know Best

Happiness in the Things we Know Best

As the sun begins to set, rays of orange-red emanates from the sky. The beach is blessed with the majestic waves, leaving crystals behind it’s wake. Children are running around pretending to be seagulls, leaving their footprints in the golden sand. It was as if this scene was surreal. Happiness resonates within me whenever this scene comes to mind. The following paragraphs will elicit happiness from places that revolves around me. To start with, Gardens by the Bay is one such place which offers a beautiful scenery. Trees are covered in evergreen leaves while roses, tulips and all plants imaginable fills the pathway. It was as if it was wonderland. Just by taking in the flora and fauna that surrounds me, I would brighten up instantly. With that said, it is also the perfect place to snap great pictures as the backdrop is simply breathtaking. Next, a place which radiates happiness is the terrace hut at the void-deck of my neighborhood. Clouds fill the vast expanse of the open sky, trees are seen swaying and the peace and tranquility that fills the air is the place to unwind and catch up on some reading. But what really catches my eye is a tree which stands majestically beside the terrace hut. Whenever I am deep in thought, I would always look at this beautiful tree. One such thought is, “I am blessed to be able to appreciate the lush greenery around me Mother Nature is truly resplendent.” Furhermore, home is where I find happiness in. I get to know my mother’s homecooked meals and enjoy the company of my brother and father. They are my pillars of support. They always encourage me to be a better person and teaches me how to love instead of hate. Home is a safe haven for me to retreat to from. Home is a safe haven for me to retreat from the stress of the outside world. Indeed, home is where the heart is. All in all, a place does not need to be great for one to feel happiness. Sometimes, happiness comes from little things. So, what is happiness to you?
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“Happiness in the Things we Know Best”

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