Hermia and Lysander are in love but unable to marry because Hermia’s father. They completely ignore her father’s wishes and plan to elope. Hermia says By all the vows that ever men have broke/ (In number more than ever women spoke),/ In that same place thou hast appointed me,/ Tomorrow truly will I meet with thee. (1.1.171-181), in this quote Hermia is promising Lysander she will run away with him to the woods. This is a very important line because we see how willingly Hermia goes against Egeus knowing this could result in her being killed. She is also giving up all her friends and family all for this one man. What Hermia is saying truly reveals how truely passionate her love is for Lysander. We can truly see how important they are to each other. Compared to all the other couples in the play, Lysander never stops loving Hermia on purpose and Hermia never stops loving Lysander. This love is very unique and you know they will find a way back to each other.
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“Hermia and Lysander in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream””

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In Midsummer Night’s Dream, we see an example of artificial love. As the name implies it isn’t real but it is so strong that it tricks you into thinking it is real.This love is not actually love but more of an illusion. Bottom and Titania are a perfect example. While practicing in the forest, Bottom wakens Titania who has had the flower juice placed on her, as soon as Titania sees Bottom, she is obsessed. Within a few moments of knowing him she declares Thou art as wise as thou art beautiful. (3.1.150) those words are remarkably deep to tell someone you just met. Titania believes that Bottom is the love of her life, with just looking at him. Due to the love potion she insists he remain in the woods with her and even tells bottom that she loves him. She is so in love with him while he just seems to be clueless and lost. So doth the woodbine the sweet honeysuckle/ Gently entwist; the female ivy so/ Enrings the barky fingers of the elm./ O, how I love thee! How I dote on thee! (4.1.43-46). We see Titania completely starstruck by Bottom. We later see that it was all fake and as we already know is due to the Love potion that was put on her eyes.
Parental love is another amazing example of love in A Midsummer Night’s dream, we see that Egeus refuses to give up Hermia because he believes that it is her best interest to marry Demetrius. Egeus says As she is mine, I may dispose of her,/Which shall be either to this gentleman/ Or to her death, according to our law/ Immediately provided in that case (1.1.43-46). He refuses to give her up and says that she will wither marry Demetrius or will die.

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