Theme: Duffy conveys the theme of societal expectations and how one may attempt to reach the unattainable vision that society portrays as the “ideal person,” resulting in their constant deterioration and self-harm.
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“IOP Script the Diet by Carol Ann Duffy”

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Contents [show]0.1 Subthemes/Body Points:1 I. Introduction2 II. Social Expectations3 III. Unattainable Vision4 IV. Constant Deterioration and Self-Harm5 V. Structure6 VI. Activity/Questions7 VII. Real World Example: Models8 VIII. Revisit theme
Subthemes/Body Points:

Societal Expectations
Unattainable Vision
Constant Deterioration and Self Harm

I. Introduction

Outline; what will be on each slide
Explain the three subthemes
. Explain the theme as a whole

II. Social Expectations

Repetition of “she”
. Lack of name; the issue is common in society and widely overlook
. “No sugar, salt, dairy, fat, protein, starch or alcohol” (Duffy 2-3).
. Modern fad diets
. Diet leaves out necessary parts of the food pyramid
Explain food pyramid visual
“She was anorexia’s true daughter” (Duffy 16).
Shows how strong of a hold Anorexia has
Society’s child turned into Anorexia’s child
You are your looks
“She stayed near people, lay in the tent of a nostril like a germ” (Duffy 36-37).
The people didn’t care; overlooked issue
“Germ” – keeps shrinking

III. Unattainable Vision

“The diet worked like a dream” (Duffy 1).,/liSimile/ dictions
Comparing the diet to a dream; this dream is unattainable
Connotation/ denotation

Distinguishing factor; society’s expectation is that they want you to be a certain way
what society wants vs what she wants; no longer independent – dependent on what society wants
“Chomped and chewed and gorged; inside the Fat Woman now, trying to get out” (Duffy 55-56)
Never-ending cycle; cycles don’t have an end-point
Capitalization of “Fat Woman” = the type of person society doesn’t want you to be
“Inside every fat woman is a thin woman trying to get out”
Spin on this saying; She is a “fat” and healthy person trying to get out of the anorexic body
“The height of a thimble, She sat at her open window and the wind blew her away” (Duffy 19-21).
Fairytale allusion
Magical realism; realistic views of world with magical elements
Partly real, partly not
Fairytales are not real; they are just like a dream

IV. Constant Deterioration and Self-Harm

“She starved on, stayed in, stared in the mirror, svelter, slimmer” (Duffy 8).
Alliteration/ Consonance
Svelter means “Slimmer”
Constant use of the “s” sound auditorily shows the reader that the starvation is a constant process; the sound makes you salivate; short & sharp tone
Harsh imagery of physical appearance
“She was all eyes, all cheekbones, had guns for hips” (Duffy 12-13).

Her hips are literally protruding so much that they are sharp and able to hurt people but metaphorically, the anorexia is killing her, like guns kills people (connotation/ denotation)

“By the end of week one… Half a stone… Shrinking” (Duffy 3-4).
“a fortnight in , she was eight stone” (Duffy 5-6).
“by the end of the month she was skin and bone” (Duffy 6-7)
Internal rhyme: Stone/ Bone
Progression of time; keeps shrinking; physically disappearing
Losing her identity along with her weight
“skeleton” (Duffy 11).
“A shadow” (Duffy 17).

[SIDE NOTE] Eventually author comments on how ppl will go to such attempts to please other ppl because they seek validation from external factors; external source of happiness
iii. two similar forms of external satisfaction (society’s views vs. food); author inhibits one: food; one is healthy, and one isn’t
V. Structure

Free verse; occasional rhymes
Internal rhymes
Example: “breakfast, lunch, dinner, thinner” (Duffy 4-5).
Significance to them; loss of control
Each stanza indents to where the prior one ends
Continuous starvation; no time to pause
Cyclical Structure
Starvation to indulgence to starvation
Significance of title
Diets are the things that stand out for the girls; they can be healthy or non-healthy

VI. Activity/Questions
a. Awareness of the influence of society
VII. Real World Example: Models

Struggles with eating disorders
Harsh realities of model industry

VIII. Revisit theme

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