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Lord of the Flies Extra Credit Questions

Lord of the Flies Extra Credit Questions

Ralph seems very adventurous and carefree. He doesn’t seem to care very much for what Piggy has to say, and seems to want to focus on getting off the island only. At first, he’s happy to be out of the watchful eye of adults, but we later see him missing it. Piggy seems like a timid character, and a bit proud of being knowledgeable. He is portrayed as a more careful character, and knows more than Ralph about many things, so Ralph seems to count on him quite a bit despite never quite saying so aloud.
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“Lord of the Flies Extra Credit Questions”

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It helps because the island is located far off from society and other people and adults. THe readers will get to see if Golding’s feeling that people would be more corrupt away from society to keep them in their place was true. Unlike adults, children aren’t yet in their place or set by society. Children have begun to develop an understanding of the world, and haven’t quite gotten a definite grip on it, and their behaviors can still be shaped differently. It was taken more as a joke at first and brushed off as if it were nothing, but as they talk it out, they gradually get more and more serious and intent about it.
It’s a good example because if there’s already conflict so soon in the book, it makes it obvious that things won’t go well if they don’t pull their acts together and stop arguing. Roger purposely missed because he felt back since, although not under the surveillance of adults, it’s what he was shaped as in society and he still remains that way.
They missed their chance of rescue because there was enough smoke to attract the ship’s attention. The fire had died because Jack had taken the boys watching the fire to hunt with him. By the time Ralph was making his decision as to what to do, it was far too late. Simon says that perhaps the beast they feared is a beast created within them. There might be a truth in his words because they say they’ve never truly confirmed the physical form of said beast. The lesson in the pilot’s figure on the mountain is that, when succumbing to one’s more barbaric nature, one will do anything for survival from a beast that they themselves created.
The beast is saying that Simon’s comments on what it really is were true, that the beast really is just a sort of figment of their imaginations, a creature within them, their wild, barbaric sides that are beginning to show their true, dark colors. It’s honestly pretty believable that those boys could kill Simon because they’ve officially become fully barbaric kids who have lost their grip on a more stable side of themselves.
Ralph and Piggy don’t want anything to do with Simon’s death and want to avoid it no matter what. They act like they weren’t involved at all, and they don’t want Samneric to know they were there when Simon was killed. Jack doesn’t want to listen to Ralph over reason. Jack’s angry, violent, and wild side has completely taken over him, and reason just will not settle with him.
Unlike what they usually live in, which is a more civilized, modern way, the boys are now living in a more primitive, barbaric society, and Simon and Piggy followed the more civilized form on living, meanwhile the other boys reverted to the wilder form. They weren’t wild enough to do the same things as the others, such as hunting, killing others, and things as said. Jack sets the whole area on fire so he could create a lot of smoke and get Ralph out of his hiding areas so that he could kill him. This shows Jack’s irresponsibility as leader because he could burn many of their essentials, such as food, shelter, and he could even harm the other boys who are a part of his tribe.
Ralph has seen so much and has been scarred. He has seen so many deaths, and knows now what it’s like to be hunted down to be killed, not a fun feeling, I’d bet. He may still be a child based on age, but mentally, he is no longer a child; he’s been through so much, lost friends, knew boys who would never be the same ever again. He realizes how much he really misses Piggy, and how the boys should’ve listened to the always reasonable boy.

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