Feeling unwanted or dispensable is too common, especially in this society. It’s almost as if we are invisible. This is quite literal for the main character in the novel The Invisible Man. Manifestly, you can extrapolate what the book consists of. The main character is introduced to the novel as a stranger, later on, in the novel we find out his name is Griffin. However, he is most often referred to as a “The Invisible Man.” How did he become invisible? He spent time experimenting with light and eventually deduces how to turn himself invisible, and he does so. In order for him to be seen he wore clothes and bandages. The story begins when Griffin, a stranger at the time, arrives in the village. He stayed at an Inn, consequently, he begins robbing the owners of the Inn. Robbing them is made effortless due to the fact that he is invisible, he also now believed that laws no longer applied to him.
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“Moment of Truth”

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The villagers began spreading rumors about him, they believed he was strange and outlandish. He had gained money, which had only fueled the gossip that he was responsible for the recent burglaries. Finally, he had enough of the gossip, so he revealed himself to the villagers, taking off his bandages and clothes. The villagers saw that as a confession to the crimes and began to assault him. Conversely, feeling unsafe, he sought out a companion, Thomas Marvel or Mr. Marvel. He was a homeless man whom Griffin uses to assist him to execute other robberies. Afterward, he abandoned Mr. Marvel and he finds a haven with an old acquaintance, Dr. Kemp. Nevertheless, Kemp reads a newspaper and it reveals the nefarious crimes Griffin had been committing. Kemp plays along with his delusion and alerts the police. Notwithstanding, Griffin was able to evade them, he then proceeds sent a letter to Kemp declaring his plan to kill him. The police were close to apprehending Griffin and eventually, they found him. Kemp began to take matters into his own hands and attempts to apprehend him. Griffin did not go down without fighting, in the brawl Griffin get extremely injured. Moreover, he dies, and as he does, he becomes visible once again.
Griffin had to choose between keeping and reversing his invisibility, which was an impossible choice. The money that was stolen was only to fund his research to become visible again, this for him was the moment of truth. At first, he had overlooked the cons of invisibility because he could only see the benefits. Nevertheless, he realized that his invisibility was a curse more than it was a blessing, and he sought to overturn it, at any means necessary. When the end finally arrived, he had sacrificed everything because he grew too greedy. Ironically, he finally got what he wanted and becomes visible at the end of the novel, but the price he had to pay was his own life.

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