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My Emotions from Reading the Glass Castle

My Emotions from Reading the Glass Castle

The memoir The Glass Castle by Jeannette Wallr’s was published in 2005. The Glass Castle is an attention grabbing story of Jeannette Walls childhood. This book is a Teen and an Adult book to read.The book is full of vulgar language, drama, and many horrific
tragedies.Through all theyve been through most of the children came out successful except of the parents they still didnt become successful they basically just followed their kids wherever they went.The Wallr’s children came a long way from where they were from the beginning when they were children.
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“My Emotions from Reading the Glass Castle”

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The Glass Castle novel is mainly about Jeannette Walls parents is unable to hold a steady job, so Jeanette’s family were constantly running from bill collectors, living very filthy, unsafe living conditions, and also moving from home to home never knowing when and where their next meal will come from. Jeannetter’s life when she was a kid was atrocious because when she was three years old she was cooking herself some hotdogs on the hot oven top and her clothes had caught fire and so she was rushed to the hospital.The memoir begins with Jeannette being in New York and is riding in a Taxi on her way to a party and she is looking out of the window and she spots her mom looting through the trash, Jeannette immediately panics and goes back home. She is worried about her professional life that someone will see them two together, but on a emotional level that it is her mother and she is in big New york cold and homeless.
In the Memoir The Glass Castle I feel like the author repeatedly proves over and over again that Jeannette hold no bad feelings towards her parents and the disastrous childhood she had to overcome during their neglect. No matter how many times Jeannetter’s parents would betray,frustrate,or belittle her she always finds a way to think it was always out of love. Also, another thing that feel that the author did right is describing what kind of parents they really are especially when they squander money on themselves instead of really seeing what to do with the money like not leaving their kids at home with no food or warm clothing.
In The Glass Castle what I didnt like is the Parentr’s not getting their priorities straight and cant get a job, so they all have to keep running from bill collectors and moving place to place. Another thing I dont like about the novel is the parents just neglecting their kids especially the mom for example when Jeannette had told her that a pervert had snuck into her room and was touching all on her the mom didnt even panic or anything she still left the window up. In the novel it shows that the dad may get drunk a lot and go crazy but when it came to someone hurting his kid she would protect them. When Rex hurt about the man coming into Jeannetter’s room he panicked and went hunting for them all that night and a couple of more nights.

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