It was the first day of fall, September 22, My family and I were moving to a new a new town called Tree Hill where her my father Tony had got an promotion. I was upset because I didn’t want to leave my home town, or my friends. Sarah aren’t you excited for your new school, ‘my mother said. It was the first day and it was a word going around that the cute jock name Nick was having a back to school party. Hey new girl Nick said , Hey, the name is Sarah, I said I’m have a back to school party at my house tonight how would you like to come pass ?, I was a little shy because he was cute so I responded saying umm i don’t know I think I will stay in tonight we’ll think about it I’ll be really happy if you come and it will give you a chance to meet new people, I smiled hard, I wasn’t really the type to go to parties but it was a new school and I didn’t know anybody so I thought why not it should be fun how bad could it be.
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That day I went home and rushed to my room to find be something cute to wear to the party. I couldn’t find nothing in my closet so I went into my mothers closet to find be something to wear I found this cute blue dress and jean jacket. It was like around 8:00 when I arrived to the party it was like all eyes were on me wen I walked in. Hey you came, I’m glad let me get you a drink, said nick. It was this girl staring me down like a halk when he walk over. I didn’t know until he told me that was his ex-girlfriend Jessica she’s the captain of the cheerleading team for our school. She was still in love with Nick. While everybody was in the party getting drunk I wasn’t really feeling it so I was just going to walk home , nick came to me and said. Hey, your leaving early, yeah it’s getting late I said .
Let me walk with you he said. So as we were walking we stopped and sat on the playground and started talking when he leaned in and started kissing me then he tried to go up my dress and he took a picture. I told him stop and to delete it and he told me he did. So it’s been a couple days since we been hanging out now. But one crazy day happened I went to school and everybody is just looking at me and all the football players on his team is just looking at me laughing and high fiving nick so I asked him what’s going on and one of the jocks name Tony showed me the picture and said dang, you get around fast huh. I was so hurt because I thought he really liked me most of all I thought he was my friend. Eventually I thought that this would have blew over and everybody would have forgotten about it. But like 2 weeks pass and this still the topic in school I don’t why because we didn’t even do anything. These kids were being so rude and mean calling me out my name putting in my locker and all types of things.
I was depressed and lonely and was really getting tired of this I couldn’t tell the student counselor because I didn’t want to sound like a snitch I couldn’t tell my parents because they were either at work or fussing. Like a month pass since this happened and Jessica was having a birthday party so one of my friends suggested that we go. So I went thinking everybody forgotten about it, but the haven’t. I was tired of everything there was no point of being here ,no point of breathing no point of any of this I was unhappy I was just over everything. So that night i went home filled the bath tub up and cut my wrist until I blead to death.

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