The Story of An Hour Story by Chopin the setting was in 1880r’s which effects many of the events in plots. During this period women especially, in upper middle class and first class was house wives and stay at home mothers, with this role the woman is expected to care for her husband, child(ren) and house. If woman wants to exit a marriage because they have fell out of love for them, her husband was caught cheating on her, or their husband is being abusive to hers. She cannot divorce him. Only the husband can order a divorce on their marriage if he wish and if he was rich since divorce papers was costly back when. Another way a woman can get out of a marriage is if her husband dies. Which is how Louise Mallard got out of her marriage. After her husband Richards Mallard was reported dead after a train accident, because of the accident Louise was finally able to exit her marriage and she can start a new life. Having a fresh new start without worrying about making caring for her husband and making sure he is happy. Richard being dead also means that Louise is not mental prisoner anymore since she was trapped in a marriage with a man who she barely loved. She had a new life for an hour after her husband died.
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“New Life Chopin Story of an Hour”

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One reason the story talks on how she sat in front of square window in a spring day (Chopin 398). During the spring season she see plants and animals coming out of hibernate, and when many animals have their offspring. Spring also symbolism: reborn, a new life and begin, a fresh start and renewal. Spring is an important part of the story since Mrs. Mallard started off crying in her room when she found out husband died before she realized she was finally free. During this scene the author showed how the weather was transitioning from a spring shower to the sun trying to shine in the sky which is found in showing Mrs. Mallard changed feeling she may had been having at this point and foreshowing the fact her husband is not truly dead, ruining her chances of a new life (Chopin 398). Also in Chopin said: She had felt it, creep out the sky reaching toward her though the sounds, scents, the colors that filed the air (Chopin 398). This show her realizing she is finally able to begin a new life, like how nature is renewing itself and any animals gives new life and plant begins to grow again.
The next reason, after crying for a few minutes she began to whisper free (Chopin 399) she slowly realizes she was not married to a Mr. Mallard a man who thought of who she only at certain times and will description as an old man whom she viewed as old and boring. Mrs. Mallard whisper: Free! body and soul free! (Chopin. 399) this showed that she was excited or relived that she can finally live a free from Mr. Mallard free she does not have to listen her husband whenever he asks or tell her to do something. She does have to care for him by making sure she cooked for him every day, cleaning his clothes and ironing them. She does not have worry about making sure he is happy or pleased, anymore. She is completely free form he formerly life, she now life a stress-free life. Once her sister had got her out of her room Louise was described having a feverish triumph in her eyes and carried herself unwittingly like a goddess which showed us filly accept to fact her husband died, and she free to started a new life with a different kind of freedom (Chopin 399).
Lastly at the end of story, Mrs. Mallard died after seeing her husband. the doctor believes her heart disease had caused her death, and source which cause heart disease to flame up and make her die was joy (Chopin 400) from seeing her husband who turned did not dead in the train accident. I believed she died when she realized all her hopes and dreams of her new life without her husband Mr. Mallard. Richard standing at the bottom of the stairs and looking at her (Chopin 399) which symbolism her dreams and hopes going from under her. Once she saw her husband it was like a bullet want thought her heart, since she never lives the life she been thinking up for the last hour. Her freedom and dreams were completely gone once she saw her husband since none of her plans for future was with him. Louise had breath a quick prayer hoping that might be long before she left the room with Josephine in since, they were foreshadowing that Richard, not her future of happy spring and summer days not married (Chopin 399). Considering that many people only will only pray if they are in hard times or feel like something bad may happens. If Louise truly felt freed at that time the author would have most likely said she thanked god or said her graces.
In conclusion, Mrs. Mallard had a new life for an hour. She now able to be free. the season spring had shown her she is able to have a fresh started of life. All this was shatter once she saw her husband. Since all her hopes and dreams about her life was gone as soon her husband.

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