Why do you think Dimmesdale feels this type of connection and energy when he holds Pearls hand? (Hawthorne 12) I think Dimmesdale finally feels a connection to his daughter, he really has not been in her life for that long so for him to feel this type of connection and energy just by holding her hand just shows us that he really should have tried being in her life earlier and not let other people influence his life because not only does he feel a connection but so might pearl because she finally can feel this connection and love with her father.
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Hester refuses to answer Pearl when her daughter asks her what her letter stands for. Do you think that Hester is protecting Pearl from being bullied or do you think Hester is ashamed of telling her daughter? (Hawthorne 15) I think Hester just does not want to make Pearl feel bad and think that she is a sin and that she should feel ashamed or not loved. No matter with this letter or not Hester will always love her with the same love and affection she has shown her since the day she was born so Pearl should not care that her mother has sinned because this sin brought her into this life where many people love and care for her.
Elements of Literature Questions:
While continuing this book do you think that Hester has grown to be a stronger, courageous woman? Or has she changed her appearance and qualities? I think Hester has really grown throughout this book and changed from the beginning. She is this woman who is independent and does not need a man in her life. She has been this courageous woman from the start from wearing the letter to sticking up for herself and for her daughter. Hester is really a woman who doesnt take opinions from others and for that I really look up to her because us woman need to be like this in our generation.
What do you think is the significance of Hester never visiting Chillingsworth in his study? Does this symbolize something? (Hawthorne 16) I think that Hester is feeling very ashamed and embarrassed. I think she just wants to be the bigger person and not really start any drama with him or the townspeople. I think this may symbolize that she may still be in love with him and that maybe she does not want to catch feelings for him by visiting him and just being around him.

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