This essay is going to be about if I were to live in 1919 and what political or social changes I see. The 19th amendment states that it doesn’t matter what sex or race you are because you were born that way and you couldn’t change it back than. I feel like that shows that they don’t appreciate women as much as they did men as in if the women are weak and have less power than the men do. I also feel like men were always in a higher class than women were and that the women don’t have as much power then men or that all the men have more power than anybody else. I have always wondered why women were always in the lower class than men l just never understood what the reason for that was but the good thing is that they are finally trying to change the fact that the women are not as weak as the men think they are.
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“Political and Social Changes in 1919”

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Some of the pros for women being able to vote in their own countries.One of the pros is that women got smarter over the process of this whole thing. The fact that all is girls or women stood up together all around the world. They were really strong about what they wanted so they did protests to get it they were strong about it and they also stood up together as a team so they could get what they wanted as a team. The women in western countries were expected in 1910 but the women in the northern and southern counties weren’t so the women of the Women’s National Party took a part in process and hunger strikes and it took place in front of the White House.
Some more pros for women being able to vote in their own countries. I think that the fact that the women went through with all that they’ve done is a great thing. I also think it’s brave that they did it together. The fact that these women never gave up. They also did this not just for themselves they did it for every woman in the whole world and for every generation after them. They did it for their children and their children’s children. They didn’t just change their lives they’ve changed every woman’s life.
Some of the cons for women being able to vote in their own countries. One of the cons is that the women who stood up together kept getting refused by the northern and southern counties which were probably all men who thought that women were weak and had no power . Another one is that they couldn’t really do much about it they could do whatever they could nothing more the fact is that they are trying to get the men to do something for the women. The women were trying to improve or change what the men did.
In conclusion the women fought a long time for their right to vote and they got that and they fought really hard to get it. The women fought against the men to get the voting right that they wanted and that’s a hard thing to do because men have a stronger power then women do. This kind of shows that the women are strong then what the men think they are. This also shows women can stand up for what they believe in by themselves or as a whole group. This also shows that women can stick together when they have been through a lot of things together and when they are determined to do something.”

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