Our attitude towards life has an impacting influence towards people who surround us. Jobs has encouraged all of his audience to stay hungry, stay foolish, meaning to keep moving forward in life and not have negative mindset towards the difficulties that might come up. Not only does Jobs encourage people to value life, but so does Ebert, Ripley and Krakauer. The value of life has been a theme expressed by many authors like the ones mentioned. Their similar messages have helped many people stay strong and defeat terrible circumstances that theyve experienced.
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“Positivity and Enthusiasm Towards Life”

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Death is a topic in which every human being experiences with a lot of pain. Throughout the years some families have been unfortunately part of tragedies that have caused the death of their loved ones. An example of this would be the article titled What is Life Worth? by Amanda Ripley, where it is explained how the families of the victims of Sept. 11 are being compensated by the government depending on their annual income. As expressed in the article,The concept of assigning a price tag to a life has always made people intensively squeamish (p.2). Putting a dollar value on the victims that were affected and killed by this incident does not bring any reparation to these families who have been emotionally hurt. Knowing that the person who just died will never be alive again brings the biggest amount of pain. This shows how human beings are inclined towards replacing a value with another. Another example would be that now due to these inclinations the value of a person’s life has been deteriorating over time. Phill Browiee mentioned, Itr’s just frustrating that the goodwill demonstrated by the government seems to be deteriorating (p.17). This shows how the sentimental part of these tragedies no longer exists in people. The value of one’s life is no longer only a heartbreaking loss but an economical loss as well. In addition to these two examples a positive point of view to these compensations would be our attitude towards the acceptance of death and the amount of money provided. Some of the families that were affected by the Sept. 11th incident have came to a point of letting go. A man makes Charles Swindoll said, Attitude to me is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances (p.30) , meaning that attitude overcomes anything in this world. By having in mind the value of the person when they were alive and thinking positively helps us stay content.
In life there might be severe complications that might lead human beings to a series of negative thoughts that make us not value life. An article titled Roger Ebert: The Essential Man by Chris Jones, a story is told about a man who experienced a tough life changing situation. Ebert suffered from thyroid cancer and jaw cancer in just two years. Due to these health complications he no longer had a normal lifestyle, he could no longer eat or drink, and he had lost his voice entirely (p.12). Ebert was no longer able to do what every typical person was able to do. This outcome was due to all of the reparations attempted on his jaw, …his carotid artery invisibly damaged by the earlier radiation and the most recent jaw surgery burst. Blood began pouring out of Ebert’s mouth (p.12). After this enormous incident Ebert was never the same. Although Eberts circumstances seem to be overwhelming he was never the person to gave up, his value towards life stood up high and strong. Not being able to speak or eat was not a problem due to the alternatives that exist to make those think happen for him. Ebert kept his passion towards writing and movies to stay positive and to stick with what made him feel comfortable. By holding on to those memories that made him strong and he also was full of hope, The existence of an afterlife (p.15). The idea of something else after death brings motivation to Ebert which makes him value his life more. By staying positive and looking ahead or all of the problems that are present helps us value all of the big and small moments.
Life has the power to make people vulnerable. At times we develop emotions with no exact meaning nor describable. In the book titled Into the Wild written by Jon Krakauer there is an epigraph that mentions, The greatest gains and values are farthest from being appreciated (pg.47). This quote expresses how unconsciously the value of our lifer’s is there just not well appreciated as they should be. By not cherishing every moment in our life, sadness is triggered and leads people to start second guessing if it is worth living life or not. Our attitude is a big influence in how great our life will turn out to be, If the day and the night are such that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs that is your success (pg.47). Greeting life with joy and positivity might turn our lives around into something amazing and will make us love living. Attitude is what makes us value every moment in life, it gives us a purpose. Making yourself look forward to everything in life, is to bless yourself (pg.47) , meaning that instead of hurting one’s mind and thoughts, the effort towards having a bright life is what gives it all a change. Staying positive and motivated to have a good life is key.
Positivity and enthusiasm towards life is that keeps up standing day by day when times are rough. Establishing these encouragements from these authors into an every day life will teach every person how to value life itself. What is taught from this advice is that even though obstacles might intervene, looking at things in a good perspective will help everyone to brighten up their life.

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