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Ready Player One

Ready Player One

Ready Player One is a book that was written by Ernest Cline. The play in this novel is based in a 2044 dystopian following a character Wade Watts on his exploration for an Easter egg. Nevertheless, essential real game will enable him take over a wealth in a world tanked-up by an energy crisis.
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“Ready Player One”

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In chapter 35 of the Ready Player One, a battle begins between half of the OASIS population against the Sixers. The wars began after Parzival presents himself for being accountable of being an indentured employer at IOI. Afterwards he hacked their intranet by use of a daring act system and side door to acquire information on what the Sixers recognize about the Crystal gate. Thereafter, he vanishes the IOI and sends information to people in OASIS to aid in fighting the Sixers which seems to be successful. Nevertheless the OASIS did not attack the Sixers due to a durable defense that could be kept forever if the wizard owning it stays firm and holds the planet. However, it is realized that Parzival requested for droid to be sent to up to where the wizard who held the orb of Osuvox . Here the droid exploded the bomb destroying the wizard as well as the armor that shielded the Sixers from Gunter army attack.
However just before the destruction of the shield, some Sixers like Nolan Sorrento wore some toy enormous robot and Sorrento was the biggest. Here Sorrento became known as Mechagodzilla. However as the Parzival’s tried destroying Sorrento, he vaporizes himself and destroys Parzival’s robot. However, Parzival turns to ultra-man from Beta Capsule. Parzival slashes Sorrento into two due to the ultra-man ultra-slice power eject. Sorrento seems to resist but Parzival explodes him with a laser and destroys his avatar completely. Thereafter Parzival escapes while the rest of the Gunters are left battling the remaining sixers that had been left behind. He enters Castle Anorak with the help of Art3mis and Aech and manages to unlock the third gate. Immediately after this, the sixers explode the Cataclyst killing everyone except Parzival who had found a product that saved the life of his avatar.

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