SpongeBob SquarePants is an animated character in the shape of a sea sponge living under the sea with his friends. This lively and energetic character was the creation of animator, Stephen Hillenburg who passed away from ALS on November 26, 2018. With his passing audiences wonder if the beloved character and cartoon will slowly lose its popularity. This cartoon has been on television for more than ten years. Other cartoons have aired before and after SpongeBob that phased out as quickly as they began. SpongeBob will continue to be popular due to itr’s different themes, weird but sometimes controversial humor, relatability to adults and kids alike including those with disabilities.
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“Sponge Bob Will Never Lose Popularity”

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The first reason is the audiences love for SpongeBob and his underwater lifestyle that mimics that of real-life above water. His character along with his underwater friends tackle everyday challenges such as feminism, parenthood, and diversity. This show gives so much potential that become one of the most become best Nickelodeon highest rated series of them all. I grew up watching SpongeBob since my childhood. I say this now because of how much I just genuinely enjoyed the show and how many witty jokes it came with, but because of how secretly influential the series. We loved and cared so much about SpongeBob SquarePants because itr’s a very remarkable show. It puts you in a good mood every time you watch it; being free of mortification. SpongeBob SquarePants brings joy, happiness, laughter, entertainment, humor, excitement, imaginary, creative, and enjoyment. This show brings so much jubilation and positivity because itr’s for everyone rather both adults and kids and dialogue are rememberable, even the lines are way funnier; this show changes our life and it complete our life. That why the audience love SpongeBob SquarePants so much. This show may sometimes so stupid and imperfection, but it was one of the most loved cartoon series ever made.
The second reason is the showr’s approach to using silly jokes to deal with adult type issues. This allows both the kids and adults comfort in watching without thinking too seriously about whatr’s being conveyed. One such episode was SpongeBob and Patrick adopting and playing house to a baby clam they found helpless. SpongeBob took on the role of the mother while Patrick the father. SpongeBob takes the role seriously by doing motherly duties such as cooking, cleaning, and ironing while taking care of the baby clam. Patrick on the other hand goes to work and comes home late and doesnt help with the baby. Sometimes he dresses in womenr’s clothing to show his comfort in playing the motherly role. It doesnt mean that he wants to be female, however, it conveyed a message that they are a family. The humour in this episode shows a typical day in the life of a nuclear family.
The third reason is the cartoonr’s ability to capture itr’s audiences both adults and children. SpongeBob is seen as an annoying character by many because of his strange laughs and his childish actions. During the past few years that I watched SpongeBob, I was attracted to his laughter and tried to mimic it. As an individual with autism I had a strong fixation on this character. Many parents will swaer that their child with disability responds favorably to SpongeBob. The characters in the cartoon are different in shape and physical appearance making each likable in their own way.
SpongeBob, on the other hand, might lose its popularity in the future. Other networks are creating new and interactive cartoons that more modern and with the times. Therer’s also parents who are not comfortable with the shows language, jokes, and sometimes ruins kids cocentration. They might responds by not allowing their kids to watch that show or channel. For Example, With a handful of controversy and criticism episodes showing SpongeBob dressed as a female which parents and rumors think the character being gay, Sponge parents feel that it not appropriate and sends the wrong message, and Spongebob learns a unnecessary bad word on the dumpster near the Krusty Krab. This might influence the child and the childr’s behavior. There are other audience members who question SpongeBobr’s sexuality openly due to the characterr’s outrageoues antics. However, the show remains relevant because it deals with everyday issues but only in a comical way.
SpongeBob has been on air for the past sixteen years. It has weathered many controversies and ratings, many kids love to watch Spongebob because its already on one of the most popular channel, Nickelodeon. From the catchy opening tune to the characters such as squidward and Mr. Krabs, there is an addictive pattern to turn on the television and watch. Itr’s sad that a creative animator such as Stephen Hillenburg is no longer around to work on more episodes. I dont think the popularity of this cartoon will cease. It will continue to entertain auduences both young and old. It will forever memorialized in our humor and hearts.

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