Did you know that Stephen King is the most successful writer in american history? This is the story of how he went from extreme poverty to an estimated annual salary of forty million.
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“Stephen King is the most Successful Writer”

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I’m afraid of everything.- Stephen King. He prefers Steve over Stephen. His father was never there to help him get over his fears as a child. He has intense triskaidekaphobia. Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number thirteen. He will not stop writing on page thirteen or any multiple of thirteen. He always skips one step on his porch to make thirteen into twelve. King often refers to himself as the Big Mac and fries of writers. He says he writes to drown out his fears.
When you get into this business, King says, They don’t tell you you’ll get cat bones in the mail, or letters from crazy people, or that the people at the tour bus will be gathered at your fence snapping pictures.
Stephen Edwin King was born on September twenty first, 1947. When he was two, his father, Donald Edwin King, told his family that he was going to get cigarettes. He left and never came back. I really think i write for myself, but there does seem to be a target that this stuff pours out toward. He said, I am always interested in this idea that a lot of fiction writers write for their fathers because their fathers are gone. He never truly got over his father leaving. He had male relatives, but it would never be the same. Before Donald left, he was a door-to-door salesman selling vacuums. More than a few times, house wives would invite him in for a little more than to buy vacuums.
Steve went to Lisbon High School. He got a half scholarship to a Methodist college in Madison, New Jersey called Drew University. He could not afford to go. He then got a full scholarship to the University of Maine. He had to work day and night to be able to afford books and supplies. He then student taught before becoming a high school teacher.
He has been writing since the early age of seven.
He visited the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. They were closed for the season when he stayed. He paid extra money to stay while they were closed. It provided the plot for the Shining. He originally called it the Shine. We all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun.
?All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’
When his daughter Naomi’s cat died, they buried it in the neighborhood children’s pet cemetery. After that, he wrote Pet Cemetery.
He moved to get new ideas and perspectives.
He based the main character of Carrie on two outcasts from high school. He later found out that both of them had already died. One died because she was an epileptic. She died alone. The other one shot herself in the stomach after having a baby. He learned about people in real life so he could make his books as realistic as possible.
He sees potential in everything. There was oversized, green paper at a library they were giving away for free. He made that into the Dark Tower series. He loves the police. He wrote about a hypocrite pig-like man. He called police officers pigs.
In June, 1999, he was walking along the highway. He was hit by a van. The van was totalled and he was in critical condition. He had a broken femur, lung injuries, broken ribs, and a severely fractured hip. He was found in a ditch about 20 feet away. He spent three weeks in the ICU at the Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston. He bought the van that hit him and hammered it to pieces on the one year anniversary of him getting hit.
Many of his older works animate inanimate objects and turns them into homicidal monsters. He uses single words or phrases as foreshadowing, such as ?Redrum’ in the Shining.
He published Rage, The Long Walk, Roadwork, and the Running Man under the pen name Richard Bachman. The real Richard Bachman was a shy farmer. He wrote the three hundred four page novel Running Man in 10 days. King used a pen name because, readers bought books and read them fast. Then they eagerly anticipate the next book. If he was releasing more at a time, they wouldn’t be as excited about his books.
He is friends with horror director George Romero. His favorite author is Joanne Murray(any true HP fan will know.) He writes three to four hours every day. He never answers his own phone, and Donald Trump blocked him on Twitter in 2017. He has macular degeneration, which can mean just vision loss or eventually complete blindness.
These are some of the reasons why he is the most famous writer in American history.

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