Many people may be afraid to express their faith in public, but Lauren Daigle clearly isn’t one of those people. Lauren Daigle is a faith filled Christian singer that is a role model to many, and inspires people with her music. I strive to be more and more like her each and every day. When I grow up, I hope that I can express my faith like she does, but most importantly inspire others to do the same and spread the word of God around the world. Lauren is constantly helping others to keep their heads up and their faith strong through hard times, but to also stay humble and faithful through the easy days.
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“The Faith Filled Life of Lauren Daigle”

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Lauren Daigle was born on September 9, 1991, to a very religious family. She has one sister, Madison Daigle, one brother, Brandon Daigle, and her parents, Mark and Laura Daigle. She was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, surrounded by her family and friends. Lauren began singing in a church choir at a very young age and continued in choir, then became the leader of the Louisiana State University choir. Even in Lauren’s childhood her parents say she was always singing around the house, and her mother even called her house the music box.
In Lauren’s song Trust in You she says, Mighty warrior, king of the fight. No matter what I face You’re by my side I feel like this one quote sums up her entire childhood. When Lauren was only fifteen she was diagnosed with an immune deficiency that made her homebound for two years. When those two hard years were going on, she was homeschooled and usually only around her family. Lauren’s illness was called Cytomegalovirus, and she would feel extremely ill and then she would later become sick. A constant battle with Lauren during her time away from school was getting things done because of her extreme fatigue. While she was at home, she would usually sleep for ten to fourteen hours a night then get up and lay on the couch for the rest of the day. During the two years when she was at home her parents say she was constantly singing, and her father later encouraged her to try out for the singing competition American Idol.
When Lauren was seventeen, she was a contender in the singing competition American Idol. The farthest she reached on the show was to the Las Vegas level, but was sadly cut after the first round. At eighteen years old, Lauren was a background vocalist for band called The Assemblie. When the band was invited to a retreat Lauren was asked to sing lead, this gave her a chance to show what she could to in front of talent agents. Later that year she started her solo career, and was then signed to a label. Lauren originally got famous form her career with a cover band, then with The Assemblie, and finally as a solo Christian singer.
Lauren has earned many complements and awards for her faithful singing. Currently in the music industry people are comparing her to the legend Adel, and calling her the Blessed Adel. She has also earned awards for many of her albums and singles. A few of her awards include winnings at the Dove Awards seven times, two Grammy nominations, her songs making it in the Billboard top 5, and lots more.
In her years of writing and releasing song Lauren has released about forty-four songs and around three or four albums. Lauren has also written songs for the movie Blade Runner 2049, and was featured in a song for The Shack. She sells about 103,000 unit of each single/album she puts out.
Very recently Lauren Daigle performed on the Ellen DeGeneres show. This became a controversy for Lauren due to Ellen being a well-known homosexual. Christian news outlets questioned why Lauren would even appear on the show with an openly gay host. television host. Following her appearance Lauren was asked some very tough questions about her views on Christianity and homosexuality by the Christian media. Lauren’s answers did not please everyone who comprises her audience. She chose to stay above the fray and stay out of controversy. Her answers to the tough questions were peaceful and non-confrontational. Just like her music is a message of love and peace and triumph over life’s tribulations with faith and love so was her answer to the question.
Lauren is currently twenty-seven years old, and is living in Nashville, Tennessee. She is still writing and releasing music. Her most recent project was her album Look Up Child which was released on September 7, 2018, and hit number 11 on the Billboard charts. Lauren Daigle travels the world promoting her faith filled Christian music. Although Lauren Daigle is only twenty-seven years old, she has accomplished most of her life long goals. These goals include writing, recording, and preforming chart-topping songs.
Even though much of Lauren’s story remains unwritten, she never fails to impress others with everything she does. Lauren Daigle will continue to share her passion for singing, and showing how grateful she is for her faith. If Lauren’s past is a prediction for her future her fans will have much to look forward to.

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