The Host proposes that each one members of each class tell stories as an amusing thanks to pass the time as they journey to Canterbury and back. The Host will throw a dinner to the winner of the most interesting story. The Host joins the people on their pilgrimage adventure. They draw straws to figure out who will tell their story first.
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“The Gorgeous Constance”

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The Knight,he starts with a story of love and honor. She is a mythical being, the Duke of Athens, place the knights in jail. The knights fight to the passing to demonstrate their loyalty and love toEmelye as a prize.The Miller tells a vasttale of a carpenter, his significant other, and a student. Thecarpenter is tricked therefore he will stay the night with the carpenter’s better half. everyone begins to laugh at the story, The only one who doesn’t laugh is the Reeve, who once was a carpenter.As revenge, the Reeve tells a story of a cheating miller who steals a vast majorityof flour that he grinds for two students.
The mill operator distracts the scholars by stripping their horse. The scholars eventually get the horse, however they have to stay the night at the mill operator’s home as a debt. One of the scholars seduces the miller’s other half and in this manner itchanged thefemale offspring. The scholars obtainand leave with their taken product.The Cook offers to tell another interesting story but he leaves shortly before he starts.The Man of Law, may be a professional person and a high standard of the court, is one in each of the foremost refined and knowledgeable of the pioneers.
He tells a story regarding the gorgeous Constance, female offspring of a Roman Emperor. Constance is offered to a swayer in Syria and continues tragedies like a wreck and a would be male factor. many miracles demonstrate her Christian religion.Next, the abbess tells a story a few martyr.Chaucer himself tells twotales:next one in each of Sir Topas in rhyme and so the story of Melibee.Further tales area unit told by the Monk, the Knight, Nun’s Priest, Second Nun, Canon’s Yeoman, the Manciple and in this manner the clergyman.

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