The Kennedys are a broad topic to elaborate on. There are many interesting facts throughout history that explains the life of the family before and during the presidential election of 1960. Even before John F. Kennedy became our 35th president, he acquired many accolades throughout his career in government. In 1946 Jack – which was a nickname he gained from his family ; also a common name used with John – ran for Congress successfully. He held this position for two years. A couple of years later, after his term in congress ended, he ran for Senate in 1953 successfully and held this position until 1960. This year was also the year of the presidential election which he won and served a term of three years from his inauguration in 1961 until his assassination in 1963.
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“The Kennedys and their Politics”

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Early life of John F. Kennedy
Backing up to the early 1900s John F Kennedy was born May 29, 1917 in the town of Brookline Massachusetts. His family was very wealthy and large I might add. His parents were Joseph and Rose Kennedy. Jack also had eight siblings: Joseph Patrick Junior, Rose Marie, Kathleen Agnes, Eunice Mary, Patricia, Robert Francis, Jean Ann and Edward Moore Kennedy. They all attended a local public school named Edward devotion school. Jack attended there from kindergarten and 1922 until the start of his third grade year and 1925. He missed school a lot due to bad health. JFK (John F. Kennedy) caught scarlet fever-a fatal illness in those days. After he recovered, he became sick many more times and dealt with this for most of his childhood, adult life and his presidency. When his third-grade year began him and his brother Joseph, were transferred to a private school in Dedham, Massachusetts called Noble and Greenough school. According to his parents decided to move the two brothers for disciplinary reasons and thought they would be better off at a private school.
Said by, the Kennedy family was one of the small amount of Irish families attending Noble and Greenough school at this time. Throughout the school, there were little to no jewish children and most students that attended were of the protestant faith. Years later, the school itself was bought by developers. Joseph Kennedy, Jacks father, wanted to help start a new school called Dexter school and only boys institute in Brookline Massachusetts.(JFK elementary school years)
When the dust settled, the Kennedy family moved to New York, planting their feet in Riverdale which at the time was a nice neighborhood in the Bronx. Jack attended many schools throughout his childhood, as you can tell and there are too many to say without boring you so lets get to the important ones. He finishes high school at Choate in Willingford, Connecticut where he is a part of a social club called the Muckers (founded by JFK himself)This club consists of people he was friends with and his partners-in-crime. Eventually moving onto college. The Choate school itself had a lasting impact on Jacks life moving forward. He used what he learned and skills he acquired throughout his presidential speeches in years to come. (Blythe Grossberg)
John F Kennedy had a poor academic record and when he apply for colleges things were not looking so good for him. He put in an application for Harvard and as we all know today that the school is very tough to get accepted to. According to an article in the Huffingon post They looked through his transcript and said that it was less than spectacular and they were not impressed. He had complications in many of his core classes finishing his high school years out with mini failing grades, yet his grades in history were his best out of all; which was an average of an honorable 85 B. ( JFKs Academic Record and Harvard Application)
John F Kennedy graduated in 1940 from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree of arts in government. The following fall he planned on attending Stanford university but set this aside to pay more attention to President Roosevelt declaration following the pearl harbor attack. Later joined the Navy in 1941 and also became an ambassador for great Britain. In 1944, Jack was promoted to lieutenant after fighting in our US Navy for three previous years. Due to injuries you received during this time they had to send him stateside to receive treatment and physical therapy in Arizona.JFK was discharged from the US Navy with honor in 1945. Injuries from water can worsen over time without being active and because of this Jack had to have back surgery eight years following his discharge.
In 1960, JFK (age 46) ran in the presidential election. His opponent, Vice President Richard Nixon -republican nominee- lost in the close fight against Kennedy -democratic nominee. President Kennedy?s inauguration took place on January 20, 1961. Her served a 2 ? year term before his assassination on November 22 1963 during a parade at Dealey Plaza, Dallas Texas. John was shot in the head while seated in his car with his wife by who people are to believe a man named Lee Harvey Oswald. The weapon used in this case was an infantry rifle. This incident caused such a commotion in the United States and lift people with many questions and concerns. Oswald was killed on live TV in the basement of a local night club two days later by Jack Ruby who is the owner of the club. The weapon used in this case was a 38 revolver. Even though Ruby was trying to do the right thing for the people of the United States he was still taking into custody and charged with first-degree murder.
To learn more information on the Kennedy assassination and complex to follow the documents and in files have been recently opened to the public by President Trump and the year of 2018. I would highly recommend taking a look throughout these files. There are many interesting facts you can discover within them.

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