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The Ruler who was not a King

The Ruler who was not a King

I am a conqueror, I am king, and more than that I am a ruler. A king can be can be an evil tyrant, but a ruler is respected, and expands his kingdom for the better. My name is Cyrus II known as Cyrus the Great, founder of the Achaemenid empire, and father to many. My father is the king of Anshan, and my grandfather is the king of Media. I know that I will inherit inevitable power, and I what I saw as an embodiment of power was my Grandfather, king Astyages. Though, I loved my grandfather, I wish I knew that he would be my enemy and most unexpected rival. My goal as a ruler is to have my subject’s loyalty, and it is through this loyalty that a kingdom expands. This was my grandfather’s mistake, and I will make sure that it is not mine.
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“The Ruler who was not a King”

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My grandfather’s betrayal which made me the respected king that I am now happened when I returned back to Anshan and was given a package of a hare, that I was told to open. I was shocked by the contents of the letter I received in inside. I was told my grandfather’s servant Harpagus, which he said he has been abused terrifically, that my grandfather wanted me dead and was about to head for me, though if I march on Media, he’ll gather the army that’s supposed to oppose me, and we’ll fight together. I jumped for this opportunity, and headed for Media. I am a conqueror, I could not let anyone even my grandfather, threaten that, my rule of Media, I know is for the better, and it is from here where I continue my conquest and create an empire an empire. When I got there I met with Harpagus and we fought together until I get complete control of Media.
Afterwards, I asked if he thought he needed anything in return, I was appalled when he said, he wanted vengeance on my grandfather for the the years of torture he put him through. I furiously told him he was foolish and wicked man, for having the desire to shed blood and go through war just on the basis of getting revenge. My philosophy is conquer what needs to beconquered for the better, affecting other people lives in a horrible manner for a personal vendetta is unforgivable. It’s times like this why I later, let the jews be free, and let the babylonians be continue on with their life when I conquered them. So, I denied this offer, and kept my grandfather in seclusion, after all he put me through, he’s lucky I spared him with my kindness. It was the year, 560 BCE, where I finally united the persians with Media. My two homes, that I felt a disconnection two when only at one, now are bonded in unison, and can be associated as one. From here is where I am able to expand my rule over others that would be later known as the Achaemenid Empire.
I was resideding back in Persia, until 546 BCE, when I became faced with Croesus, king of Lydia. Ever since this war, I became to feel more sympathetic towards people, and others saw that, and it is this emotional attachment with my subjects’ that their loyalty is so great. Through my spies and further intelligence, I was informed Croesus was about to try and conquer the empire which I just succeeded in taking. I was not about to let my new found rule go to a waste, I immediately went to fight him on a battlefield at Pteria. The battle felt long, and lasted till morning, I knew this battle would keep going, and I knew Croesus knew too, so we both went our separate ways, knowing this was not the end. A king may sacrifice his men for a win, but I am a ruler, strategic decisions like this saves my men which later allowed others to follow me in my successful, resulted reign.
We won the battle and took Croesus prisoner. Before he was executed and sentenced to death by fire, Croesus cried to someone named solon in regret, in curiosity I told them to stop, but the fire had already lit and it was too late. He then cried out to god Apollo, and a big thunder came down and water spilled down him, and he was saved. In response Croesus told me how Solon proclaimed that he would not know the meaning of true happiness, till his life ended, and I could tell that the gods agreed, upon his salvation. I soon became fond him, and it was right then and there where I finally told myself to be thankful for the life given to me, and started to see people in a different way, that made me care more. I found myself to now be a foe of Croesus and learned to care more about the people in my life, and how I affect them and myself, in order to reach full happiness.
544 BCE, is when I reached my greatest victory, and where my soul was lightened for the better. There was a massive city called Babylon. It was seen as powerful, beautiful, and great, which was something I wanted to become a part, as everyone should have the experience to be in my presence under my rule. I conquered the Babylonians with a large army, which was ready to overpower any opposition to our success. When I defeated them, I was horrified knowing of the Jews who were held captive. After the battle of Lydia, my happiness felt short associated with the enslavement of the Jews, I released them and told them to go back home to Judea, and rebuild their house of god in Jerusalem. I made some practical changes for Babylon, and with the freeing of the Jews, I knew I have done something for the better, and my success in conquering it was not in vain. This was my most greatest victory, but I know that a ruler has to gather one’s loyalty before they can actually rule as a respected king. It was inevitable that there would be some defiance in my new found rule, as unlike Media and Ansan, I was related to both kingdoms, and grew up with the people, here I could be seen as a tyrant or undeserving ruler who just had a lot of power. So in defense I created a cylinder, proclaiming my rightful rule over Babylon.
I came into Babylon with peace, I gave them nothing to fear of me, and my royal lineage gives me a right to rule. I did nothing wrong to Babylon, and I made it a better city as a whole, without the brutal enslavement of the Jews. I stated my rule that covers the 4 quarters of the world. My royal lineage, peaceful invasion, and tolerant ruling, made me their legitimate ruler, and it is through this cylinder, if one should have any doubt about me, this would validate my legitimacy as their rightful king. The expedition of this great city took 14 years, and it was worth all the time and effort of making it mine, as it is because of here that my name will travel across the lands.
After so many years later, I could tell I was seen differently, and heard that the persians called me father, and the greeks were calling my law giver, and the long freed jews called me Anointed of the lord. I knew that I had made an impact on this world, and the people in it. I made myself a being of higher statue, I even bet the gods would respect me on the same level, I am respected just like them, by others. It was time for me to settle, and start a new destiny. I returned back to Media, where both my parents still lived, and I married my dear wife Cassandane.
We have many children together. I had two sons Cambyses II, and Smerdis, and two daughters Atrystone and Roxane. I will bequeath my empire to my son Cambyses II, and make my other son Symberdis Lieutenant of Media, Armena, and CAldusia. My line is of pure royalty, and I expect my children to continue legacies that rival mine. Otherwise, my proclamation for Baylon and how my royal lineage and peaceful prosperity make me a rightful ruler, will soon be questioned. I freed the Jews, gave mercy to my grandfather, and expanded my empire to cover parts of the world. My godlike, presence, is not a quality but an evolvement. I’ve given many to others, and helped them become part of an empire that will go down in history as a great one.
I don’t have much time, as this is where I end my story. Right now I am about to go into war. I must invade the Scythians and their king Tomyris as my settlement in Media, is not myend, my kingship needs to cover more land, though just like the babylonians i will go in with peaceful goals, I will take this city and even more people shall praise me. When I conquere, I didn’t just siege cities, and put my name on it to further my reputation, what I do, iss conquer the attention of people, I make them praise me like they do their own gods. I know I will be talked about for the rest of time, and that is something the Scythians or any one will never take away from me, even when I pass. All people will talk about is the greatness and success of my rule.
Long ago, Croesus told me that people will never know true happiness until they are faced with their death, but I already know what true happiness is, and it is me, Cyrus the Great, ruler and father to many.

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