The Cask of Amontillado is one of Poe’s most famous short stories. In the story a man named Montresor takes revenge upon his friend, Fortunato. Readers don’t know what Fortunato did to deserve revenge. During the 1700’s in a European city Montresor had a plan to get revenge on Fortunato. The both of them meet during a festival called “carnival season,” Montresor then convinces Fortunato to go home with him to an underground wine vault to taste a special type of sherry wine called Amontillado.
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Although Amontillado might not be real Montresor lets Fortunato know that, but Montresor also pretends to ask another man named Luchesi to taste it just so he can trick Fortunato into wanting to be the one to taste it. Montresor then goes down to his wine vault, and acts on his plan of revenge. Fortunato was in luck, he received a pipe of what passes for Amontillado. Fortunato had his doubts about it though, so Luchesi decides to be on his way because if anyone will know a real Amontillado it would be him. Fortunato was led through multiple suites of rooms that brought him into the vaults.
Going along the vaults, The Montresors were a great and numerous family as you can see all around. Passing through walls of piled bones, and puncheons into the inmost recesses of the catacombs. Luchesi grabbed Fortunato ad shouted the “The nitre!” The nitre increases, it hangs like a moss upon the vaults. Being below the rivers bed drops of moisture trickle among the bones. It is nothing Luchesi said to Fortunato, I need another drink of wine. Fortunato gave a bottle of De Grave to Luchesi, Luchesi finished it up in a quick breath, his eyes flashed with a fierce light. He laughed and threw the bottle upwards with a gesture, Fortunato didn’t understand but Luchesi looked at him in surprise and said it’s the movement, a ridiculous one.
Passing through a range of low arches, arrived at a deep crypt in which foulness of the air caused torches to glow than to turn into flame. At the end of the crypt was walls lined up with human remains piled to the vault ahead. Going along the vault was Amontillado. In an instant reaching the wall and finding progress stopped by a rock they stood completely confused. Montresor then chained up Fortunato to the granite. In its surface were two iron rings, distant from each other about two feet, horizontally.
Throwing the links around his waist it took only a few seconds to lock it. Fortunato was too surprised to fight back. Montresor then barely laid the first layer when discovering that Fortunato’s intoxication had worn off. A low moaning cry from inside the hole was heard, it was not the cry of a drunken man. A succession of loud and shrill screams bursting all of a sudden from the throat of the chained form seemed to throw Fortunato violently back. A quiet laugh that followed along a sad voice Fortunato was in pain. A voice laughing along saying what a good joke, an excellent joke indeed. Following along saying we will have a rich laugh about it at the palazzo continuously laughing. The Amontillado! Montresor shouted. Let us be gone is all that is saying, yes let us be gone for the love of God, Montresor. Montresor listened in vain for a reply, he grew impatient. Yelling on the other hand screaming out Fortunato Fortunato, no answer. Thrusting a torch through the remaining hole came forth in return of jingling bells. His heart grew sick of the dampness of catcombs, he hurried to make an end of his work but forced the last stone into its position and plastered it up against the new masonry. He also re-erected the old pile of bones, and for the half of a century no human has disturbed them. May he rest in peace Montresor said talking about Fortunato.

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