In the Allegorical and Dystopian novella Animal farm by George Orwell, the reader meets an array of characters, all of which represent or symbolize a real person or group of people during a major period of Russian political upheaval. We first meet Mr. Jones who is a human character who represent the neglectful leaders of Russia. We then meet the animals, including, Boxer, Old Major, Napoleon, Clover, Mollie, and Snowball. Then we are shown how the animals are being mistreated by Mr. Jones. The animals then begin to rally and decide that they should not have to deal with the abuse of Mr. Jones. They attack the other workers on the farm and drive the Jones’s off the farm.
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“Who was Truly Responsible for the Corruption on Animal Farm”

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Most of the story discusses how the farm is led after the humans are gone. The farm, in many ways, was very prosperous when the revolution began. The animals were given an education, the reading and writing classes were however a great success, which made them feel equal to the humans because they were now learning in the same way the humans did. The farm was becoming more prosperous in that, Everyone worked according to their own capacity, which made the farm a happier place to work in, and the more work was awarded with more food and better arrangements. This all went exceptionally well for some time, yet the upheaval at that point took an extraordinary defeat. The creature’s opportunity and singularity were gradually removed.
Napoleon removed the dog’s opportunity by “”making them bow, “” and obey him as it were. The creatures additionally started to have no right to speak freely, “” raised their voices bashfully however they were speedily quiet by a gigantic snarling,”” which demonstrates to us that the homestead was never again kept running by every one of the creatures yet rather by the pigs, anything they say is correct and you may not contend. The creatures no all must be the equivalent, which can be taken as uniformity, however it was taken to the extraordinary. The creatures needed to call one another, “”confidant,”” and they weren’t permitted to stand out in the littlest ways, “” Molly’s ribbons were taken,”” which was fine at first yet then gradually the creatures began overlooking their identity.
In my opinion, the failed ideology of Communism was the predominant reason for the downfall of Animal Farm. The message in the book puts the fault on the fizzled arrangement of socialism, the fault is set unequivocally on the despot or dictator government who mislead the animals utilizing purposeful publicity, as done by Squealer in the story. Napoleon is at fault for the savagery and hardship that the creatures persevere.
Napoleon and Snowball support and energize the rioting, at first pictured by Old Major. They banter the issues of the ranch, however furtively, Napoleon has no goal of imparting capacity to Snowball. Truth be told, Snowball is kept running off the farm by Napoleon and his dogs after he turns out to be excessively famous and fruitful with the other animals. Snowball truly puts stock in the reason for uniformity, diligent work and equity. Be that as it may, Napoleon, who goes up against characteristics of the people, has no enthusiasm for Snowball’s thoughts of enhancing the productivity of the ranch, he couldn’t care less if the creatures buckle down, he doesn’t do anything, he just advantages from their diligent work, equivalent to the agriculturist did, just it is more terrible, on the grounds that now it is one of their own who is utilizing them, misusing them, brutalizing them, not bolstering them, driving them to work increasingly hard.
The philosophy of animalism is imperfect, does not work, and can’t work claiming once control is packed in one figure or in government, that control is misused over the general population that it should serve. Add up to control, with focal basic leadership being done outcomes in greater imbalance, more bad form, more hopelessness, more neediness. Tragically, the perfect world that these animals idealized is unattainable, stripping individuals of their opportunity and motivating force to work leaves just the standard of the whip to urge those subjugated to work harder. The severity of the incredible state or government aggravates life far more for the creatures than it was under Mr. Jones.

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