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Yoga Blogging

Yoga Blogging

Positive daily yoga and meditation practices have changed my life for the better in many ways. Many years ago as a result of the practices, I shifted to veganism and from a social drinker to consuming no alcohol at all.
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“Yoga Blogging”

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I realized for me that it is important to be aware of this reality versus alter it. Any substance that alters this reality hinders friendships and relationships versus deepening connections and strengthening bonds.
“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.”
— William Blake
I am working on keeping an open-minded to view all the dimensions and perspectives of life. Beyond dedicated meditation times, I am practicing stilling my mind and being at peace on and off the yoga mat.
Sometimes, I only have a few thoughts during class and other times my mind floods with thoughts. Random thoughts and experiences I have had in yoga classes below. Can you yogis can relate?
Yoga Class Thoughts and Experiences

Could they talk any louder before class? How hard can you throw your mat and collection of stuff down on the floor? I am not a victim. Practice non-judgment.
Forgot to respond to that email/text.?? Be in the present moment.
Someone forgot to apply deodorant and it’s the beginning of the class. Don’t vomit. Practice non-judgment and non-attachment.
Great song/playlist. That song is going to be stuck in my head all day.
Did you suggest, “We should touch” without the teacher’s direction? Creepy. Practice non-judgment.
Don’t sweat the small stuff. Accept change.
Did you say, “you make me look bad” because my practice is different from yours? We are in this together. It is not a competition. Choose positivity.
Those words are inspiring. I have more to learn. Trust your intuition.
I need to be friendlier, kinder and support others more.
Drishti. Laser-like focus.
Wow, I have gotten kicked or hit one or more times by one to four flailing out of control people. Remain calm. Chaos to clarity. Have only love in your heart for others.
They are glowing. What a beautiful community. We are all connected. We are all one. I love everyone!
Am I doing this right? Awkward.
Ouch, mat burn. Practice non-attachment.
Frak this pose. Attempt again. How long do we have to hold this asana? Cramp.
? Could hold this pose all day. That feels good. I have got this. What else do you have?
? How long is this class? What if I die in here?
? Fun times. Wish this class was longer. Amazing!
? This is awesome! I should do this every day.
? Who leaves during Shavasana? Are you crazy? Only several minutes left. Why? Practice non-judgment.
Let go. Surrender.
Lucky to be here and have a healthy body. I am grateful, appreciative, happy, and at peace.
Go inward. Joy is our purpose. Boundless, limitless happiness. Bliss.
Higher states of consciousness. Downloads.
It stings a lot when someone squirts you in the eye with mat cleaner. What’s in that mat cleaner? Am I going to go blind?

The journey continues. See you on that mat. Namaste.

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