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Persuasive Speech Presentation

Persuasive Speech Presentation

Persuasive Speech Presentation

 You are required to present and record your speech. Just as if you
were giving a speech in a classroom to a live audience, the audience
must be able to see and hear you and you should follow the guidelines
for delivery.
 Your speech should adhere to the following requirements:
1. Topic: Your topic must focus on persuading the audience to
think something/change attitudes (convince) or persuade the
audience to adopt a specific course of action/behavior
(actuating). You will select a topic that is a current
issue/problem that is controversial. Choose a topic you are
passionate about, an issue you want to see addressed or
changed. Create a policy proposition or fact proposition
statement that you intend to prove or advocate for. Although we
support freedom of speech, we cannot accept topics that
advocate for or support criminal or illegal activities. In addition,
we cannot accept topics that violate the CCBC Student Code of
Conduct (e.g., hate speech).
2. Time Limit: Your speech is required to be between five and
seven minutes.
3. Arguments: The supporting evidence and arguments in the
speech must be presented clearly, using sound reasoning and
avoid logical fallacies. Ethos, pathos, and logos must be present
and applied effectively.
4. Research: You are required to create an Informative Speech
Outline with an APA- or MLA-style Reference Page that has all
the sources you used. You must orally cite all sources in your
speech. You must have at least four different sources, two of the
sources must be from the CCBC Library. All sources must be
orally cited in the speech (and in-text on the outline and on the
Reference Page).
5. Outline: You are required to develop a Persuasive Speech
Outline using one of the templates provided in this module. The
outline must adhere to the outline guidelines from the chapter,
instructional materials, and template. Do not turn in an essay-
format paper.
6. Delivery: The oral delivery of this speech must be
extemporaneous in style and include effective nonverbal delivery
that demonstrates pathos. Use language that is persuasive in

nature (e.g., should). Demonstrate effective posture while
speaking and stand while giving the presentation. You should
look directly at the camera while giving the speech as if you
were presenting to a live in-person audience. Stick to the “head-
to-toe” rule: the audience/instructor should see your entire body
(head-to-toe), standing, giving the speech.
7. Space: You are required to give the speech in a distraction-free
and professional space. This could be your living room, a
conference room at your work, etc. However, you should not
give the speech in your: car, outside, bathroom, in your
bedroom, or other spaces that would be inappropriate. If you are
unable to find a space, reach out to your instructor who can
provide suggestions as to where you might be able to find an
empty room on campus to record your speech.
8. Visual aid: You are required to develop and present a visual aid
during the speech. The visual aid must be a PowerPoint or Prezi
and must be at least four slides and no more than five slides.

 Your speech should begin with your introduction (start with your
attention getter) and end with your conclusion.