The inspiration for change can come from unexpected circumstances, yet the idea can then be catapulted into communities through digital media and social networking opportunities. With your digital media presentation, you have the opportunity to share your idea for change with your community or colleagues.

This week is also an opportunity to reflect on what you have accomplished this term and how it has contributed to your growth as a writer. Consider Gilbert’s (2014) video, Success, Failure, and the Drive to Keep Creating, and Timothy’s video or Nathan’s videos from your learning activities as you explore the opportunity to continue advocating for change and growing as a writer. Then, respond to the questions below:

In the first paragraph, reflect on your presentation by answering one of the questions below and connecting it to this unit’s reading:
What did you learn about digital media design?
What changes would you make to your digital media presentation, including visual enhancements, if you wanted to disseminate it to a wider audience via social media sites? Revisit Creating Effective PowerPoints from last week to get some specific ideas about what you could improve.
Do you think your presentation could generate change, and do you foresee pursuing this argument for change in the future?
In the second paragraph, reflect on your growth as a persuasive communicator this term by answering at least two questions in a well-developed paragraph. How have your ideas about persuasive communication changed?
How did what you learned about effective persuasion and logical argument in CM 220 help you in your current job or in other classes you have taken? How might it benefit you in your future career?
What did you learn about research that you think will be beneficial in the future?
What improvements did you see in your writing after completing CM 220?
What advice would you like to share with future students in CM 220 about the class?
Do you think you will be more likely to advocate for changes in your community because of this course?